2017 Spring Junior Varsity Schedule Featured

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Many of the top 7th Graders this Spring will be be selected for the 2018 Under Armour 8th Grade All American Game!!!!

Junior Varsity Teams:

Beacon House Select
Bowie Bulldogs Elite (SVP)
DMV Academy
Harford County Bucs (Harco)
Maryland Heat
Metro VA Raiders
Montgomery County Bearcats (MoCo)
Pennsylvania Pride
Loudoun County War Eagles

Tailgating: Tailgating is NOT allowed by the facilities that we rent.  There can be NO grills, either gas or charcoal in the parking lot.  We will have concessions available and they will be fabulous. 

We have gotten a few responses from people with dietary issues that can't eat regular food and we have granted permission to a couple of people on individual cases.  If you have not been granted specific permission by me, please do not attempt to bring coolers into the stadium.  The only exceptions will be coolers used for teams.

The following guidelines will be in place at all GYFL sanctioned games:

  • There will be a $5.00 per person entrance fee; however children 5 years of age and under will be admitted free of charge.
  • Wristbands or stamps will be issued during games, which will allow everyone to regain entry back into the games, should you need to depart the game for any reason.
  • Different colored wristbands will allow different levels of access.  Field access is one color.  Stadium access will be another color.  You will not be allowed on the field or track without the appropriate color wristband.
  • No outside food of any kind will be permitted inside of the GYFL games, unless otherwise instructed.  Check website regularly.
  • NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS are allowed on any field turf stadiums.
  • Coolers will not be permitted into GYFL games under any circumstances unless you have received prior authorization from GYFL Management Staff. **Exceptions to this guideline will be made in regards to infant formula, emergency kits, etc. – again prior authorization should be obtained before entry into the games will be given**
  • All bags are subject to be searched by security prior to entry and security will be located at each gate.
  • No smoking is allowed on High School Facility parking lots or common areas.
  • No weopons of any kind are permitted.
  • High School grounds are not to be used as public restrooms!!!  Patrons must use bathrooms or Porta Johns.
  • Schedule is Subject to Change by GYFL.

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Week 1 Saturday April 29th @ U of Maryland 

CLICK HERE for a link to the campus Map
. (Practice Fields below baseball Stadium)

Note: It is Maryland Day at the University and one of the busiest days of the YEAR!!! The campus will be crowded and buzzing with people and full of life. Get there early as parking may be challenging!!!  We want you all to have the full U of Maryland Experience and gets no more exciting than Maryland Day.

Field Directions:

Follow the parking and walking directions in the link above until you get to Parking Lot R3.  You will see the Varsity Sports Team House as you walk into the Parking lot.  To the left of the Varsity Sports Team House as you face it are the practice fields.  You will see a tent with at the gate where you may enter. The far grass field next to the parking garage will be used for warm ups.

Parking Options

Option #1: Free Parking

Free Parking is available in Lot Z or Lot 1 next to the tennis courts next to Cole Field House.  Walk towards the stadium and go to the right on Fieldhouse Drive with construction on Cole Field House to your right.  Pass the Union Lane Garage and cross the street.  Stamp Union (Where you can buy food) will be on your right.  Make a left into the Driveway to the Gossett Team House.  Veer to the right of the Gossett Parking Lot onto the sidewalk.  Stay to the right until you reach Parking Lot R3.  To your right you will see the Varsity Sports Team House on the right.  The Practice fields are behind the Varsity Team House.  We are NOT playing in the Stadium.

Option #2: Paid Garage ($3.00 per hour).  Closer Walk.

Park at the Stadium Drive Garage BLDG 218 close to the Upper Deck side of the stadium.  Walk down behind the Upper Deck side of the stadium towards the practice field towards parking lot R3.  You will see the Varsity Team House as you walk into the Parking lot. To the left of the Varsity Sports Team House as you face it, you will see the white tents and the entrance gate to the practice facility.  We are NOT playing in the Stadium.

Week 1 Saturday April 29th @ U of Maryland Practice Field (Turf Field)
J. Logan and Louise Shultz Football Practice Complex
1121 Byrd Stadium North, Bldg #368, College Park, MD 20742 

Concessions will NOT be provided (Visit the Stamp Union to purchase food)

Metro VA Raiders

  9   DMV Academy   2
Pennsylvania Pride 19   Harco Bucs


Bowie Bulldogs Elite (SVP) 6

  Maryland Heat


Loudoun County War Eagles BYE    

Week 1 Saturday April 29th @ U of Maryland Practice Field (Grass Field #1)
J. Logan and Louise Shultz Football Practice Complex
1121 Byrd Stadium North, Bldg #368, College Park, MD 20742  

MoCo Bearcats

 0    Beacon House Select  14

Note: There are NO bleachers on the practice fields.  You will need to bring lawn chairs, blankets to sit on grass, and be prepared to stand to watch the games.  We expect it to be standing room only!!!!  They are NOT allowing us to provide concessions inside the practice fields, so you can either bring your own food, or buy food on campus at the Stamp Union. 

Week 2 Sunday May 7th @ Bishop McNamara HS
6800 Marlboro Pike, Forestville, MD 20747

Concessions will be provided

MoCo Bearcats

30   Harco Bucs 0

DMV Academy

25   Loudoun County War Eagles 0
Metro VA Raiders


  Maryland Heat


Bowie Bulldogs Elite (SVP)

42   Beacon House Select  6 

Pennsylvania Pride


Week 3 Sunday May 14th @ 
St. Johns HS (Stadium) Mothers Day
2607 Military Road, NW Washington DC 20015

Concessions will be provided

Harco Bucs 

6  Loudoun County War Eagles  12 (2 OT)

Metro VA Raiders

0  Bowie Bulldogs Elite (SVP) 32



Week 3 Sunday May 21st @ TBD
 (Pushed back due to Mothers Day May 14th)

Concessions will be provided

MoCo Bearcats

0   MD Heat     45

Beacon House Select

20   PA Pride    6 Note: Game Called in 4th Quarter 
DMV Academy






Week 4 Sunday May 28th @ St. Johns HS (Stadium)
2607 Military Road, NW Washington DC 20015

Concessions will be provided

Beacon House Select

17   DMV Academy 26

Loudoun County War Eagles

0   Maryland Heat 47

Pennsylvania Pride

0   Bowie Bulldogs Elite (SVP) 33
Metro VA Raiders  25 

   MoCo Bearcats


Harco Bucs                    BYE

Playoffs Saturday June 3rd
 @ Bishop Ireton HS
201 Cambridge Rd, Alexandria, VA 22314

Concessions will be provided

#1 Seed Maryland Heat   

 19  #4 Seed Metro VA Raiders 0

#2 Seed Bowie Elite SVP

12 #3 Seed DMV Academy 0

Junior Varsity Championship Game Sunday June 11th @ 
St. Johns HS (Stadium)
2607 Military Road, NW Washington DC 20015

Concessions will be provided

#1 Maryland Heat 

7  #2 Bowie Elite SVP   6




The Best of the Best Rising 8th Graders from the Spring JV will not only have a chance to be selected
for the Under Armour 8th Grade All American game, but they will also have a chance to represent the 
USA in the International Bowl in Dallas, TX next winter. They will play U-15 for Team USA.




In addition to all of the benefits of playing in the GYFL which are too vast to name here, at the end of the Fall
Season, 7th Graders who play JV in the Spring will be 8th Graders in the Fall.  In addition to the opportunity
for 8th Graders to make the USA Football International Bowls, and the Under Armour 8th Grade All American
game, our 8th Graders have the opportunity to play in the FBU National Championship Tournament for one
of 3 regional 
Teams. Not only do we have Team Maryland, but we also have Team Metro Maryland and Team
 All 3 Regional Teams are coached and run by GYFL Member Organizations, which is why it is such
a great idea to play in this league.

For those that FBU is not a good fit for you, we have a partnership agreement with the top Youth Football  All 
Star Tournament in the Mid Atlantic Region.  DMV legends are made in the Maryland Youth Crab Bowl and
stand out play in the GYFL provides and opportunity for your son to play in the 8th Grade Crab Bowl on one of 
8 Regional Crab Bowl teams, all coached and run by GYFL Programs.

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