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GYFL Awards Banquet 2012

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GYFL Executives JB Brown, Chad Scott, and Doc Walker at the 1st Annual "Grassy Awards" GYFL Executives JB Brown, Chad Scott, and Doc Walker at the 1st Annual "Grassy Awards"

GYFL Family and Friends:

Grassroots had it's 1st Annual Post Season Awards Banquet this summer.  We wanted to do this for the first 2 years but were unable to pull it off for financial and logistical regions.  State of the Art facilities at affordable rates are extremely hard to come by.  The type of banquet that we wanted to have would typically be done at a 4 Star Hotel, but we were no where near being the position to afford to do something that big yet.

Thanks to DeMatha for opening up their beautiful new Convocations Center to us, we were able to make our dreams come true this summer and on August the 5th, we pulled of a Gala for the ages!  Our goal was to have our first post season event be like the ESPY's, but only GYFL style.  I think we came pretty darn close!

Tonya Anderson is the Chief Operating Officer for the GYFL, as well as the Executive Director of the Grassroots Youth Mentoring Foundation, which will launch in the fall did an amazing job!  The place looked fabulous.  We need to thank the DeMatha basketball team, Athletic Director Ed King, and coach John Rogers for helping us get everything set up the day before.  We must thank all of the volunteers who Tonya coordinated to come in earlier that day and make the place beautiful!  We must thank Kim Taylor and her staff for preparing the delicious food.  It was as elegant an event that we could imagine on such a limited budget.  Most importantly, we want to thank all of the parents that paid a ticket to come and support us and the kids that showed up.  We were 300 strong in the Convocation Center and had to roll a few extra tables out at the last minute to accomodate everyone.

Our kids were dressed up and looking fabulous!  The parents were awesome too.  NFL Veteran and former Redskin great Lavar Arrington was the guest speaker and motivated the crowd.  11 Year NFL veteran and GYFL partner Chad Scott was there.  There would be no GYFL without his financial support and we love and appreciate him dearly.  12 year NFL veteran and GYFL Partner JB Brown was there to hand out awards.  9 Year NFL Veteran and GYFL Commissioner Rick "Doc" Walker was on hand to take pictures with the kids and give a rousing closing speech that every parent and child needed to hear.

Videographer Mohamed Fahs put together the highlight video that played on the big screen.  Under Armour provided bags for the 2nd Team All GYFL Teams.  GYFL provided medals for the 1st Team All GYFL Teams.  The entire Championship Howard County Stars Team received trophies.  The top players at each position recieved awards and we awarded and Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year Award.  Finally, we selected our Coach of the Year Terry White of the Howard County Stars who moved the crowd with his speech and we announced our GYFL Most Valuable Player, Eric Burrell of the Howard County Stars.  Eric made a brief speech and was overwhelmed by all the love he receieved.  In addition to the trophies awarded to the champions, we also ordered them Championship Rings!!!!!  In conjunction with sponsors from the Howard County Stars and support from the league, our champions will be officially sporting big time championship rings on their fingers in a few weeks.

I, president Mike Anderson was the host of the event and I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome.  This is the first of many and I can promise you they will get better every year, just as our seasons have gotten better every year.  I can't imagine what 2013 has in store for Grassroots but I can promise that you don't want to miss next years "Grassy Awards."  Mark your calendars for Sunday June 23rd from 2pm - 6pm.  Place TBD.

For everyone that was unable to make the event, I have copied and pasted the detailed Banquet Program below so that you can see who all the award winners were and how the program flowed.  Please enjoy!



GYFL Banquet 2012
DeMatha Convocation Center

Order of Program:

2:00 – 2:30pm     Social (Highlight Video Looping)
                                Tour the Convocation Center

2:30 – 2:32pm     Call to Order (Mike Anderson)

2:32 – 2:35pm     Invocation/Prayer (Ken Harris)

2:35 – 3:30pm     Dinner (Highlight Video Looping) Tonya Anderson will announce when tables can line up.

3:30 – 3:40pm     Intro of special guests, HS Coaches, etc. (Mike)

                                -VP, JB Brown
                                -VP, Chad Scott
                                -Commissioner, Rick “Doc” Walker

3:40 – 3:45pm     Intro of the guest speaker Lavar Arrington (Mike)

3:45 – 4:00pm     Guest Speaker Lavar Arrington

4:00 – 4:30pm     Special Awards

Staff acknowledgements (Stand and Waive) Mike
-Wayne Matthews (Announcer)
-Phil Taylor (Security)
-Lead Athletic Trainer, Wendy Norris
-Kim Taylor (Banquet Caterer)
-Tonya Anderson (Director of Business Affairs and Banquet Coordinator)
-Mohamed Fahs (Videographer)
-Coach Ed King (Athletic Director from DeMatha)

Special Staff Acknowledgements (Receive Award from JB/take photo with Doc Walker) Mike
-Felice Barnes for Outstanding GYFL Service (Photographer)
-Raleigh Powell for Outstanding GYFL Service (Stats and Everything)
-Ken Harris for Outstanding GYFL Service (Website)
-Lisa Hilton for Outstanding GYFL Service
-Mona Hairston for Outstanding GYFL Service
-Leo Minus for Outstanding GYFL Service (Photographer)
-Rick “Doc” Walker for Outstanding GYFL Service as Commissioner
-Gregory M. Holloway for his Commitment to Excellence in Service to GYFL
-Chad Scott for his Commitment to Excellence in Service to GYFL

Volunteers of the Year Awards (Receive award from JB/take photo with Doc Walker) Mike
-Baltimore Metro Stallions (Vlad Friedman)
-Charles County Heat (Melinda Sims)
-District of Columbia Warriors (Gail Akers)
-Fairfax County Colts (Kasmas Dikes)
-Howard County Stars (Tara Morris)
-Howard County Stars (Scott Burrell)
-Loudoun County Eagles (The Burke Family) Not Present
-Montgomery County Bearcats (Tangie Golston) Not Present
-PG County Swarm (The Chasse Family) Not Present
-Prince William County Lions (Triege Craig)
-Southern MD Wildcats (Jim Beavers)

4:30 – 4:45pm     Individual Team Acknowledgement (Mike)
                                -Ask the Members and Coaches of each of the teams that are present to stand and waive.
                                -JB will take a cordless microphone to each table and have them state their names and positions.

Ask to Stand in the following order
Baltimore Metro Stallions
Charles County Heat
District of Columbia Warriors
Fairfax County Colts
Loudoun County Eagles
Montgomery County Bearcats
Prince Georges County Swarm
Prince William County Lions
Southern MD Wildcats

4:45 – 5:00pm     Announcement of All Star Teams (Wayne & Mike)

Honorable Mention Teams: (Stand up at the table and waive when the name is called) Wayne

-Baltimore Metro Stallions: Montrez Watt, Travon Hollis, Troy Hollis, Malik Alston, Shamar Shanks, Tavion Washington, Jonathan Tynes, Javon Childs, Taj Washington.

-Charles County Heat: DeMarco Blount, Warren Clements, Jordan Holmes, Aaron Parker, Myles Plummer, Jayson Johnson, Anthony Whigman, Jamie Higginbotham, Shaquon Dyson, Joshua Chase, Alec Martin.

DC Warriors: Carlton Rainey, Donnell Lowery, Anthony Brown, Patrick Johnson, John Gant, Deon Jones, Michael Williams, Richard Merritt.

Fairfax County Colts: Jordan Napper, Aaron Ince, Max Nail, Taye Diggs, Max Gallahan, Jay McCargo, Kreshawn Dikes, Hunter Wilkens.

Howard County Stars: Ronnie Rountree, Sonny Csorba, Lemond Bynoe, John Sterling, Keshaun Ebron, Armani Ceballos, Aaron Hansford, Sean McCutchen, Joe Macklin, Marquise Chambers, Marmadu M, Michael Coolie, Nathaniel Randolph.

Loudoun County Eagles: Anthony Page, Damani Neal, Kevin Burke, Nick Clarkson, Charlie Clewis, Billy Mullen, Taron Vincent, Chase Haegele, Malik Crowe, Brent Smith.

Montgomery County Bearcats: Marvin Beander, Carlton Taylor, Izaan Pulley, Jonathan Wanatt, Jack Stubbs, Cody Peterson, Charlie Siarkas, Doc Bonner

Prince George’s County Swarm: Teyon Davis, Calil Wilkens-Coleman, Aris Mayfield, Terrell Dance, Michael Collins, James Green, Sir Scott, Malik Lewis, Taheeb Sonekan, Yuka Onya, Jordan Jacobs, Savion Williams.

Prince William County Lions: Dominic Benson, Shawn Brooks, C.J. Childs, Jonte Craig, Keith Evans, Peter Finley, Nasheed Hargrove, Jordan Heison, Zion Johnson, Eddie Mussey, Anthony Serafino, DJ Wright.

Southern MD Wildcats: Brandon Beavers, Randy Burke, Deandra Bush, Jhordan Greene, Dejuan Marble (Pronounced Dayjohn); Jessiah Rojas, Rylan Sweetney.

2nd Team All GYFL Team: (Walk to the Awards area and receive a UA Backpack from JB Brown and take individual with Doc Walker). Wayne

Note: Form a Group Picture before a sitting down


2nd Team QB: Brandon Pitt (Prince William County)
2nd Team RB: Azariah Bratton-Bey (Baltimore Metro)
2nd Team RB: Adrian Platt (Howard County)
2nd Team RB: James Green (Prince George’s County)
2nd Team RB: Jonathan Lee (Montgomery County)
2nd Team OL: Johnny Jordan (Loudoun County 7th Grader)
                OL: John Day (Fairfax County) Not Present
                OL: Hunter Smith (Loudoun County)
                OL: Lawtez Rogers (District of Columbia 7th Grader)
                OL: Jalen Lea (Montgomery County 7th Grader)
2nd Team WR: Eric Kumah (Prince William County)
2nd Team WR: Trevon Diggs (PG County) Not Attending         
2nd Team WR: Delante Hellams (District of Columbia 7th Grader)
2nd Team WR: Alec Martin (Charles County)
2nd Team Kicker: Doc Bonner (Montgomery County 6th Grader/QB)


2nd Team DL: Antonio Favors (District of Columbia)
2nd Team DL: Ozzie Opuku (Fairfax County)
2nd Team DL: Austin Bostic (Fairfax County)
2nd Team DL: Daniel Renaud (Loudoun County)
2nd Team LB: Andrew Rothstein (Charles County)
2nd Team LB: Johnson Lloyd (Baltimore Metro)
2nd Team LB: David Sangwa (Montgomery County)
2nd Team DB: Deandre House (Howard County)
2nd Team DB: Morgan Scroggins (Baltimore Metro)
2nd Team DB: Cedric Content (Montgomery County)
2nd Team DB: Malcolm Littlejohn (Montgomery County)
2nd Team KR: Brandon Hilton (Prince William County)

1st Team All GYFL Team: (Walk to the Awards area and receive their medal from JB Brown and take individual photo with Doc Walker).  Wayne

Note: Form a Group Picture before a sitting down


QB: Kasim Hill (Baltimore Metro)
RB: Abdul Adams (Howard County)
RB: Damien Jones (Charles County)
OL: Terrance Davis (Charles County)
OL: Noel Hijazi (Loudoun County)
OL: Kyle Loughner (Montgomery County)
OL: Tim Ursery (Charles County)
OL: Myron Turner (Baltimore Metro)
WR: Navon Prince (District of Columbia)
WR: Steven Smothers (Baltimore Metro)      
WR: Eric Burrell (Howard County)
Kicker: Gene Blair (Charles County)


DL: Darrin Pullen (District of Columbia)
DL: Craig Williams, Jr (Howard County)
DL: Matthew Hunt (Charles County)
DL: Eric Arvinger (Baltimore Metro)
LB: Daqwan Hill (Montgomery County)
LB: Marcus Brooks (Prince William County)
LB: DeMartez Thomas (Southern MD)
DB: Juan Campbell (Baltimore Metro)
DB: Trey Simpson (Howard County)
DB: Perrin Turner (Charles County)
DB: Jaron Woodyard (Montgomery County)
KR: Travon Stott (Montgomery County)

Special Awards: (Come to the table with JB, get medal and take photo with Doc Walker) Mike

Fan of the Year: Korrey Blount
Hardest Worker: Jayden Sloan

5:00 – 5:10pm     Top Performers at each position (Come to the table, get trophy, take Picture with JB) Mike

Note: Take Group photo before Sitting Down.

Most Outstanding QB: Kasim Hill (Baltimore Metro)
Most Outstanding RB: Damien Jones (Charles County)
Most Outstanding WR: Steven Smothers (Baltimore Metro)
Most Outstanding OL: Terrance Davis (Charles County)
Most Outstanding DL: Darrin Pullen (District of Columbia)
Most Outstanding LB: DeMartez Thomas (Southern MD)
Most Outstanding DB: Jaron Woodyard (Montgomery County)

5:10 – 5:25pm     Introduce the Champions (Read directly from the list and have walk up and get trophy from JB) Wayne

Note: Take Group Picture before sitting down.

5:25 – 5:30pm     Introduce the Players of the Year (Walk to collect award, take photo with JB) Mike

Offensive Player of the Year for 2012: Abdul Adams (Howard County Stars)
Defensive Player of the Year for 2012: DeMartez “Petey” Thomas (Southern MD Wildcats)
5:30 – 5:35pm     GYFL Most Valuable Player Award (Have the Finalists present come down and line up to the left of the Award Table). When the award winner is announced, he will make a speech. Mike

Finalists: Abdul Adams, Damien Jones, Eric Burrell, Steven Smothers, Azariah Bratton-Bey, Adrian Platt, DeMartez “Petey” Thomas.

GYFL Most Valuable Player and winner of the first ever “Andy” Award: Eric Burrell (Howard County Stars)

5:35 – 5:45pm     GYFL Coach of the Year (Come to the table, receive the award, make a speech) Mike

Coach T. White (Howard County Stars)

5:45 – 5:50pm     GYFL Raffle (Tonya Anderson)

5:50 – 6:00pm     Close Out Speech (Doc Walker)


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