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Mo Co vs Howard County Scrimmage 2012

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Daqwan Hill about to Break Loose against Stars Defense Daqwan Hill about to Break Loose against Stars Defense



The Montgomery County Bearcats scrimmage against the Howard County Stars was a slugfest and we learned a great deal about both teams during those two action packed hours. Coach T. White and his staff will be primed and ready for Saturday’s opener. Coach Stefanelli and his staff will be a team to be reckoned with once again.

Howard County Stars:

The first thing we did was confirmed something that we already knew, which was that Eric Burrell is the Real Deal. Burrell was unreal at the combine on March 17th at the Sports and Learning Complex where he was arguably the best overall athlete at an event filled with future stars. Burrell can flat out do it all. We saw him be dominant as a running back for the high octane GORC Wildcats this past fall. Click Here to see Burrell's highlight video to see for yourself.

The kid killed as a tailback and safety in the fall so we know he can play those positions. We had no idea he could catch as well as he does, but we found out what he can do as a receiver and LB during the scrimmage. He found ways to get open from the TE and WR position and caught everything thrown his way. He made leaping catches; he gobbled up yards after the catch, scored 2 TD’s on offense and made a ton of plays from his linebacker position. Taking his talents to McDonough HS in Baltimore in the Fall. Whatever you do, don’t forget the name. If he continues to work hard and doesn’t rest on his laurels, he will be a major Division I prospect by his sophomore year of high school.

Not far behind Burrell in the skills department was Abdul Adams. Adams came out of nowhere and blew us away at the combines. If you go back and look at our write up, you will see that we predicted he was neck and neck with Burrell athletically, but we hadn’t seen him in pads yet. Well, we have now seen him in pads. Great speed and quickness. Long, lean body with tremendous acceleration. Will be a problem for opposing defenses from his running back position. With that being said, the Stars are loaded with backs. Deandre House is another kid who shined at our combine and he looks the part of an elite athlete. As a running back and linebacker, he showed how fluid and versatile he was before getting injured early in the scrimmage and not returning. We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him again.

The running back core was even more impressive when a late comer showed up to the scrimmage wearing #11 and a Montgomery Cowboys helmet. He wasn’t much to look at initially, but he proved that looks could be deceiving. Young man’s name is Adrian Felix and you are going to love this kid. Not very big. Looks to be about 5’7” and maybe 155 or so. Cat quick, blazing speed, with intensity and toughness. Showed outstanding vision with his cutbacks. Found every hole that was available and when there was no hole, he had no issue lowering the boom! Didn’t go down on first or second contact. At times, the third contact didn’t stop him. Did all of this AFTER playing a indoor league football game earlier that day.

The Quarterbacks were intriguing. Armani Ceballos has a very nice throwing motion and good size. Found Burrell a number of times and will be an effective and capable signal caller for the Stars. Injured and left the game early. Trey Simpson stepped in for him and kept the chains moving. Simpson is a sensational athlete and shutdown corner that can play tailback, WR, or any other skill position on offense. Effective as a QB and dangerous on roll outs with his feet.

Aaron Hansford is another kid who had an impressive and strong combine.   Great size for an 8th grader and with a father who stands about 6’5, the kid is still growing and could develop into something special. Played well as a rush end on defense and showed versatility by moving back to corner and getting and interception.

One of the proudest performances of the day was put in by R.J. Rountree, who will attend Palotti in the fall. R.J. is a GYFL alum who played on the Montgomery County Team last year. He also was a member of the 2011 MD State All Star team that played in the FBU National Championship Tournament. To look at R.J. you wouldn’t necessarily be impressed with his physical stature. What you can’t see is that this kid has a heart of a lion and will do anything you ask him to do to get better. Never misses a practice. Never misses a conditioning clinic. Anything we tell his mom that he needs to attend, she is the first to register him. I couldn’t be more proud of any of the Grassroots kids than we are of R.J., because of the commitment to excellence that he has. He came up and put a knock out blow on one of the best players in the league, then he followed that up with great coverage all day and a big time interception to close out the day.

There were a number of offensive and defensive linemen, whose names we did not get that we were impressed with and we will make sure to give them their credit once we have identified them.

Montgomery County Bearcats:

The 2011 GYFL Runner ups look to be poised for another run at a championship. Very deep on the offensive and defensive lines, which has always been a staple for them. The Bearcats like to pound the ball and play great defense and they have the talent to do that again this year.

The running back core is the strength of the team lead by 2011 GYFL All Star Daqwan Hill. What Burrell is to the Stars, Hill is to the Bearcats. He is an absolute monster that will be hard to tackle by opposing defenses. A big tailback at about 5’10 and 185lbs, who has speed, quickness, power, and vision. He broke off a number of long runs during the scrimmage, and played great at linebacker. Hill comes from the mighty Montgomery Village Chiefs program, who won the State Championship for the Varsity Prep division. Much thanks goes out to Coach G for supporting Grassroots and bringing so many of the MV kids to the team this year. Coach Moe is helping out on the staff and the Village is deeply represented this year.

Travon Stott is another GYFL favorite. He and his baby brother Tremayne, who is also on the team as a 6th grader, showed up at the Montgomery County combine in 2011 and impressed us with their skill set. Travon turned in a strong year as a 7th grade tailback and almost brought the Bearcats back in the Championship game with some hard, tough runs. Started at WR for the Bearcats in the scrimmage and will be the featured WR, when not subbing in at TB. Tough on the corner as well. Also from that MV squad. Both Stott and Hill will be attending Good Counsel in the fall.

Two other backs showed promise in the scrimmage. We had heard great things about Jonathan Lee from White Oak and although he did not get a ton of carries, we could see his talent on display with a couple of impressive runs. Click Here to see Jonathan's highlight video! Marvin Beander is a 7th grade back out of Maplewood that we have heard great things about. Looks the part for sure. Every time he touched the ball in the scrimmage, there were Stars in the backfield, so we didn’t get a chance to see him get loose, but we know athletes when we see them.

QB Shawn Bliss from Olney looked very impressive at the combine at Landon. Made a couple of nice throws on the day and showed promise. Has the tools and will only get better as he gets bigger and stronger. The Bearcats unveiled a 6th grade QB named Doc Bonner that showed some skills out there. Small in stature but throws a tight and accurate spiral.   Tough to see over the big lineman that the Bearcats have. Speaking of big lineman, Michael Drolet from the Rockville Lions is massive. He executed well and impressed us at the combine and he did a good job out there under a great coach in Coach Maderas. He will be good. There was another big kid #24 whose name I did not get, but he looked very good as well. He is also one of the Rockville Lions.

We liked the FB Jonathan Wanat a lot. He comes from the Silver Spring Saints. He reminded us of Zack Ralli who starred for the Bearcats last year. Wanat made an acrobatic one handed catch and run, blocked well all day and looks like a player at LB.   We were thoroughly impressed with David Sangwa. Sangwa did his thing at the combine but looked even better in pads making jarring tackles all over the field. Clarence McNeary was another kid that was flying around the football making tackle after tackle. There was a kid wearing #14 whose name we didn’t get that showed great intensity and sideline to sideline tackling ability.

The shutdown corner is Malcolm Littlejohn from MV who also doubles as a WR. He can play and he and Stott should keep defenses on their toes if Bliss and Bonner can get the ball to them.

The most impressive Bearcat on the day was a 7th grader named Jalen Lea from MV. The GYFL faithful will never forget Ellison “Man Child” Jordan, who was our 7th grade terror from last year, who was arguably the most heavily recruited 8th grader in the class of 2016 after a stellar GYFL season. He chose Gilman HS after an intense recruiting battle.

Jalen appear to be next. He is big, intense, and flat our mean. He is a 3 technique DT that is very difficult to block. His motor is non-stop and he does the same thing from his OG and OT position. Loves contact and can’t wait to get it in. Caused problems for the Stars backs all day.

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