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2012 Playoff Summary 7/14

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Playoff July 14th @ Landon School
6101 Wilson Ln  Bethesda, MD 20817

(6-3) Charles County Heat


(8-1) Howard County Star


(7-2) Baltimore Metro Stallions


(8-1) Montgomery County Bearcats


The first ever GYFL Playoffs was a truly memorable experience.  We missed our first slate of games the week before due to extreme heat.  Then the weather report forecasted 50% chance of Thunderstorms and Lightning for Saturday right around game time!  The GYFL Nation did a lot of praying that the storms would not come and the Good Lord delivered once again.  It was a beautiful day!  The temp didn't get higher than 85 degrees and during the second game, the skies got a bit cloudy and we were concerned.  But, the storm never came and the kids had the opportunity play in peak weather conditions.

We had awesome guest appearances like always.  Commissioner Doc Walker graced us again, but this time he brought former NFL star Brian Carpenter and his awesome wife Gabrielle, who runs Excellent Options, which is an educational foundation doing amazing things for the youth of Loudoun County.  Her program was responsible for securing 1.3 Million dollars in scholarship money for the graduates of her program.  Click here to read a Washington Post article on her program. 

One of the top radio hosts in the country Kevin Sheehan of ESPN 980 came out to see what the fuss was all about and left impressed enough to talk about us on the radio Monday afternoon.  We may even get Brian Mitchell out to the Championship game.  You never know who will show up for a Grassroots event, so you have to be there.  The crowd was electric!  The stage was set.

Both games were extremely entertaining and exciting. 


Playoff Game #1 Howard County 13 v Charles County 6

{webplayer video=images/stories/videos/2012-championship-game-1x.f4v}


We expected this game to be a thriller based on the first game that they played, which was won by Howard County 21 - 20 in one of the best football games in GYFL history.  If any of you haven't t seen that game, you need to check the week 3 Summary page, or find the game on the Video on Demand section of the home page.  It was an instant classic.

After an 8 game grueling season against elite competition, there is going to be wear and tear.  There will be injuries.  Not many kids will be fully healthy and that wasn't the case for these teams.  The good news for both teams was that with the last game of the season being cancelled for heat, both teams had a week off to heal.  Howard County actually had 2 weeks due to a forfeit by Southern MD in week 8 of the season.

They were missing their star FB/LB Sonny Csorba, who will be attending Palotti in the Fall.  For the most part, the Stars had their best players and they were ready to do.  The Heat were missing a couple of key players that had prior commitments.  Matthew Hunt, a massive OL/DL prospect headed to St. Johns in the fall had a prior vacation planned and wasn't available.  Shaquon Dyson, who is a versatile TE/WR/LB for the Heat, who is headed for Leonardtown HS in the Fall was also unavailable due to a prior camp commitment.  Even without those two, the Heat are a deep and talented team that has enough quality players to overcome the losses, just as the Stars have done with the loss of Csorba.

One of the most interesting dynamics of the game was the fact that Aaron Parker, the Heat starting QB who will play for Gwynn Park in the Fall, did not start the game.  Parker is a big strong QB, with a live arm and a lot of ability.  He put his name into the hat of one of the top QB's in the league with his performance this spring/summer.  The Heat are primarily a running team, but the have elite receivers and Parker keeps defenses from stacking the box with his ability to run, pass, and pass on the run.  We think Parker has a chance to be an elite quarterback at the high school level.  He will be playing for an outstanding program at Gwynn Park, run by a high quality coach in Danny Hayes.

Grassroots agenda is varied and versatile.  We attempt to teach a lot of lessons that kids are going to need to make it to the next level and excel.  We want to teach football lessons that our kids will need, but more importantly, we want to teach life lessons.  Commissioner Rick "Doc" Walker and I have never been more impressed with a staff than we were yesterday when we investigated the reason why Parker did not start and did not play until the second half.  I am not going to go into the specifics, but Parker was being disciplined for violating a team rule.  As the QB, Parker must learn that he is the leader of the team and has a highest level of accountability and responsibility.  He is a good kid, but we all have to learn the hard lessons if we are going to be successful.  We respect Coach Terrance Byrd and his staff for standing by their principles.  We respect Aaron Parker and his family for realizing the error, being respectful, accepting the punishment, and supporting his team during the first half.  We believe that the lesson that was taught to the entire team, to Aaron, and to the coaches, will help all of them be better football players, be better young men, and be better leaders.

We are not be any means suggesting that Parker not starting was the reason that the Heat lost the game.  The Stars have only lost one game for a reason.  They are a great team, with great players, and great coaches.   They made the plays that needed to make when they had the opportunities, and Parker does not play defense.  We just felt the need to acknowledge how proud we are of the Heat for making the priority of doing what was "right" before football.  Maybe if the staff at Penn State had done that, kids destinies would not have been altered forever.

Now to the game......

The Heat came out pounding the ground game behind the big offensive line.  Tim Ursery (Leonardtown), Warren Clements (Lackey), Anthony Whigman (Leonardtown), Jamie Higginbotham (Leonardtown), Brandon Spearman, and Terrance Davis (DeMatha) came out dominating the line of scrimmage on the opening drive. Andrew Rothstein (Ryken) added punch to the line of scrimmage. Devin Montgomery started the game at QB for Parker, handing the ball of the always dangerous Damien Jones.

Jones came out running with reckless abandon and something to prove. It looked for a moment like they were going to march right down the field and score, but when they got into the Howard County red zone, the Stars defense stiffened. Montgomery is an elite RB, who was doing an admirable job filling in for Parker and handing off, but there were a number of missed center to quarterback snaps that that were missed during the game. The Stars were able to force a turnover on downs inside their 20 yard line and they got the ball on offense and went on the move.

In the preview, we spoke highly of the Stars offensive line, which is not big, but extremely good. Nathaniel Randolph, Craig Williams Jr. (Bullis), Alex Leger, Michael Coolie (Meade), Harmadu (Hammond), Marquise Chambers, Joe Macklin (St. Johns), and Sean McCutchen were very effective as well. Adrian Platt, Abdul Adams (O’Connell), and Kevin Rankin were relatively successful running the ball, but the Charles County defense gave up very little on the ground early on as Rothstein made a bone crushing tackle on the superstar TB Platt to force a punt by Eric Burrell (McDonogh). 

The Stars punted on their first possession and the electrifying Damien Jones fielded the ball at the Heat 27 yard line yard line.  73 yards later it was quite apparent why Jones is one of the finalists for the GYFL Player of the Year Award.  He sprinted towards the right sideline, picked up a couple of blocks, turned on the speed and was tiptoeing down the sideline at the 30 of the Stars.  He cut back on a dime and sprinted back accross the field for the crowd pleasing 73 yard TD run!  Wait a minute......  The play was called back to the 50 for an illegal block.  So take the points off the board.  The run was so awesome that we had to write about it.  This kid Jones is special.

Both of these teams have explosive offenses and have put up an outrageous amount of points this season. But, the first half turned into a defensive struggle, with neither team being able to consistently move the ball. They both banged at each other all through the first half.  On the possession after the punt return, the Heat were forced to turnover on downs.  Then Howard got the ball back, but could not move it after a big sack by Jaron Bowen from Peppermill Village.  The Stars punted deep into the Heat territory and they had to start at their own 10 yard line.  Star Studded Eric Burrell, another finalist for GYFL Player of the Year lowered the boom on Jones from his LB position and set the tone that the first drive running room would be eliminated.  As the 2nd quarter rolled around, the Heat punted again.

Andrew Rothstein made another solid tackle, before Abdul Adams (GYFL Player of the Year candidate) broke off two big runs and the Stars had taken over momentum.  Armani Ceballo tried a pop pass to Burrell and he was open.  From the sideline, it looked like a sure TD before DeMarco Blount came out of nowhere to make a diving tip to break up the pass completion.  Great play by Blount on what looked to be a certain TD.  On the next play Deandre House, who is one of the best looking 8th grade athletes you will ever see, ran a perfect post route on Perrin Turner, but the pass was low and inside.  It could have been another TD.  One play later, Turner made up for the miscue by having perfect inside out coverage on House.  Ceballos tried to throw the fade pattern to him but the ball was under-thrown and Turner made a leaping interception to get the ball back to the Heat.

After a fumbled snap by the Heat put them in bad down and distance, they were forced to punt after another strong run by Jones got them close to another first down.  Without Parker in a QB, the Heat really didn't  have a pass threat and the smaller Stars were teeing off up front and shutting the Heat run game down.   The Heat punted and forced another turnover on downs on the Stars.  Charles County took over on the 45 yard line, but John Sterling and Lemond Bynoe converged on Jones to hold him to no gain.  They Bynoe was deep in the backfield on QB Devin Montgomery.  The Heat turned it back over on downs after a big stop on the ballcarrier by Criag Williams Jr (Bullis).  On the first play, the Stars went for it all to the high flying Burrell, but the Heat were in double coverage on the right sideline.  Montgomery (Ryken) came over from his safety position and made a beautiful diving interception to give the Heat the ball back at the 12 yard line.  Montgomery is a versatile football player that can play almost any position on the field.  We expect him to have a sensational HS career.  The half ended with the score 0 - 0.  It was a true slugfest.

The second half began with the Stars getting the kickoff.  Terrance "Big Squeal" Davis made a big stop.  On the next play we saw the explosiveness of Player of the Year candidate Adrian Platt.  He blasted 28 yards up the right sideline before being tackled out of bounds by Blount who saved the TD.  Adams got outside for a 10 yard gain before Ceballos rolled out to his right looking for Burrell, who was streaking up the has mark toward the end zone.  He as double covered by Blount and Perrin Turner.  However, when you have an athlete like Burrell, it is foolish to not give him a chance to make a play because most kids his age don't have the athletic ability of this kid, even the very good ones.  Blount and Turner are two very good ones, but Burrell is a freak.  All 3 of them went up for the ball, but Burrell out leaped both of them, made the catch and came down inside the one. Ceballos ran the QB sneak for the first TD of the game.  Blount made a great play to deflect the conversion pass away but the Stars led 6 - 0.

On the next series it looked like the Heat were boosted by having their starting QB back.  The OL began controlling the line of scrimmage again and Jones began to take over the game.  He had a couple of tough runs, then Joshua Chase made a nice run to the Stars 22 yard line.  Jones banged it down to the 7.  Adams came up from his safety position and went very low and took out Jones' shin.  Had Adams not taken out the shins and tried to take Jones head on, it would have been a brutal collision.  Adams is not only a great talent, he is a smart one too.  On the next play Jones scored from the 7 yard line to tie the score. 

At that point the Heat had appeared to take over the momentum and forced a quick punt.  But the Heat got a penalty for running into the kicker.  The Stars got a second chance but they still couldn't convert.  Jordan Holmes made a big play in the backfield on Adams.  Isaiah Purvis sacked Ceballos on the next play and Charles County had all the momentum.  Burrell got off a great punt and the Heat were back in business.  Then Burrell took over on defense.  After a 9 yard run by Jones and a first down catch and run by Montgomery, Burrell made a monster stop.  Then Trey Simpson got into the action with a big hit.  Burrell again on the next play with a knockout blow and the Heat turned it over on downs.

The 4th quarter started with Abdul Adams making a highlight reel run.  He got the ball and headed to the right side, he spinned off of a tackle and brought it back to the left.  He punished a DB by lowering the shoulder then turned on the speed and went for 20 up the left sideline.  House threw a bone crushing block for him.  The next play was a momentum changer.  The handoff was fumbled and Charles County had two chances to recover the fumble with great field position, but the Stars stayed after it and came up with the ball.

Platt made a nice run to the right side for 8 yards.  Adams broke off another great run of 20 yards.  Platt went for another 8 and the Stars had all the momentum.  Big Squeal made a super stop in the backfield that gave the Heat life.  On the next play, Ceballos tried to go over the top to Burrell, but Myles Plummer had great coverage and inside position.  The ball was under-thrown and the Heat made the 3rd interception of the day.  The defense was bending, but it did not break.  After an in-completion by Parker, Trey Simpson made the play of the game.  There was a heated debate with a couple of the Stars coaches regarding how often they actually create game changing strips and turnovers and the coaches pointed out they they have done it often during the season.  After seeing what Simpson did to Jones on the next play, I am becoming a believer and thinking they are actually teaching their kids how to hold up the runner and go for the strip.

Jones broke into the secondary and was being held up by Craig Williams Jr.  As Jones continued to fight for more yards, Simpson joined the tackle, but instead of trying to take Jones to the ground, he began snatching at the ball.  He jarred the ball loose and recovered the fumble!  After a nice run by Platt to the 13, the Heat caused a 3rd and 4, but an offsides call gave the Stars the ball at the 7.  After 3 costly interceptions, none of us thought the Stars would call another pass play for Ceballos, but that is exactly what they did.

Ceballas had House on a skinny post and he put the ball right on him.  He had inside position on the long-armed Myles Plummer and he had inside position.  House got his hands on the good pass and it looked like it would be complete at the 2, but Plummer did not give up on the ball.  He wrapped his right hand around House and got it on the ball, then pulled it out before House could bring it in for possession.  Great play by Plummer.  Devin Montgomery came up from his safety spot to make 2 big tackles and push it to forth and goal from the 7.  Once again, there was no way T.  White would call another pass play would he?  Well guess what.......  When you have a player like Burrell for 3 months and you will never have him again, I guess you just have to ride him.

He spread out wide right with Turner on him one on one.  He ran a hard post at the end zone and created space.  Blount came over from his safety position, but he was a split second too late.  Ceballos put the ball right on the money and Burrell made the play like he ALWAYS does.  Eric Burrell...... 6 points....  TD!  After Ceballos made a great ball fake and rolled out to his left for the extra point conversion, he hit House in the back of the end zone for the extra point.  The score was 13 - 6, Stars with 2:31 left on the clock.  That was plenty of time for the Heat.

Jones got a great Kick return out over the 50, which put the Heat in position to make a thrilling comeback.  But, disaster almost struck on the next play with a fumbled exchange between Parker and Montgomery.  This time there were 2 Stars who had a shot at the ball to end the game, but they did not get it.  The Heat recovered but they lost yardage.  On the next play, Parker threw a quick screen to the receiver in the right flat, but Deandre House smelled it and was all over it.  He pushed the receiver backwards and Simpson finished him off.  On 4th down and about 20 yards to go, Parker was flushed out of the pocket towards his own sideline.  As a right handed player, he would have had to throw across his body to try to make a play, but with it being 4th down he had no choice other than to throw it up and see what happened, or the game was over.  He chose to run out of bounds short of the first down....... Game Over!  Congratulations Stars.  They knelt down twice to run out the clock and advanced their way to the championship in style.


Playoff Game #2  Baltimore Metro 24 Montgomery County 8

{webplayer video=images/stories/videos/2012-championship-game2.f4v}


The score for game 2 was not as close as the first game, but it was not any less exciting.  This game had big plays, big runs, special teams and may have been more exciting actually.  Kasim "The Dream" Hill was back at QB for the Stallions after missing a couple of games with a concussion.  If there is a better 7th grade QB in the area, I most certainly have not seen nor heard of him.  He is on his way to Gilman middle school in the Fall for his 8th grade year.  The kid is big, fast, mobile, has a strong arm and is very accurate.  It is almost unfair for him to have the receivers to throw to.  Morgan Scroggins AKA "Next Level Slim" is just a fabulous football player.  He is one of the best 8th grade cornerbacks in the area, as well as one of the best receivers.  This kid has not been 100% physically all year, but makes big plays every time he touches the ball.  He will take his considerable skills to Calvert Hall in the Fall and he already has a scholarship offer to Youngstown State in his pocket before he touched a high school field.  Scroggins can do it all on the football field and will be an absolute star at the next level.  I don't think there is any doubt about that.

On the other side, Hill has Steven "Optimus Prime" Smothers to throw to.  I take a fair share of heat from some people that think I pour too much praise on this kid by stating that I believe he will be the next Stefon Diggs.  Only time will tell whether or not that is true.  When I say that, I am referring to the type of player, the style of play, and the whole package that he brings to the game.  At this stage of his development as an 8th grader he is dominant with the ball against his peers, and if he continues to develop as I believe he will, I see no reason why he can't be in Stefon's class as a senior.   But as an 8th grader, all you have to do is watch the film and let it speak for itself.  I call him "Optimus Prime" because when he puts that  uniform on he transforms into a football playing machine.  As a corner, he has shutdown capabilities.  As a reciever and kick returner, he is just spectacular and don't apologize for stating it.

Hill even has other weapons on the perimeter.  Shamar "Ball So Hard" Shanks (Gilman) is a hard hitting safety who loves to hit on defense, but is a very capable receiver as well.  Juan Campbell is small in stature, but big in heart and ability.  He is a game breaker type of kid who has a knack for the big play this summer.  The Stallions have an offensive and defensive line that plays with heart and passion.  Jonathan Tynes is the QB of the line at center, Javon Childs, Myron Turner, Montrez Watt (who is a versatile athlete that can play many positions), and Dujuan Dallas all bring the noise and did a good job blocking for star running backs Azariah Bratton-Bey, AKA "The Ninja" and The Law Firm Johnson Lloyd.  They all had big games on this day.

The undefeated Montgomery County Bearcats were trying to do something that had never been done before in the 3 year GYFL history and that was go through the season undefeated.  We had not had any team make it through the regular season undefeated, much be crowned as an undefeated champion.  Baltimore won the first championship with 2 losses and DC won last year with 1 loss on their record.  The Bearcats were trying to do the unthinkable and were the favorites to get it done.

They are very deep and loaded at every position.  They are a hard nosed, bread and butter running team, that will hit you with the slant, the 9 cut, and the wheel route when you give it to them, but for the most part they rely on great offensive line play and terrific running backs and they have a host of them.  Kyle Loughner, Cody Peterson, Charlie Siarkas, Jack Stubbs, and newcomer Kojo Dingle have been dominant all year long.  7th Grader Jalen Lea was nursing a bad foot and did not play much offense on this day, but he Bearcats have plenty of depth.  Lea will be one of the most highly sought after prospects in the 8th grade class this year.

We are looking forward to seeing him dominant national competition this year on the Maryland State Team for FBU.  Lea will not only be a national name locally, but after FBU, he will be a nationally known commodity, just as Terrance Davis, Lo Lo Harrison, and Steven Smothers became after FBU.  On another note, any parents of rising 6, 7, or 8 graders who believe their son has elite talent would be remiss not to attend the FBU evaluation this coming Saturday morning,  July 21st from 10am to 2pm at Riverdale Baptist School prior to our Championship game.  FBU is where the best in the country come out and show their stuff and you need to be there.  Click here for registration information. 

I go into great detail about all these tremendous athletes in the Playoff Preview so I won't bore you with the accolades and superlatives again.  To see a detailed synopsis on all of the players for Mo Co, as well as the other 3 playoff teams, CLICK HERE.  I get very excited when I think about these kids and I find myself wanting to talk about them to the detriment of the write up sometimes, so I just caught myself.  Read the preview to learn all about Hill, Stott, Beander, Wanat, Woodyard, and all the big time talent on the Bearcat roster.

To the game.......

Moco started out controlling clock like they do so well.  They ate up much of the first quarter with the ground game using Lee, who started in place of the hobbling Daqwan Hill.  Lee is lightning and Hill is Thunder.  They will make a dynamic duo at Good Counsel in the future that may make fans forget about Wes Brown and Dorian O'Daniel if you can believe that.  Lee started it off with some good tough runs, as did Wanat.  Doc Bonner, the 6th grade sensation at QB failed to connect with multi-talented Juron Woodyard on a post pattern with 6th grade DB from Baltimore (via Delaware) Tavion Washington broke on the ball and made a great deflection.  Tavion is a baller and takes after his big brother Taj who is a playmaker for the Stallions.  A couple of plays later, Bonner threw the same pattern and Woodyard made the catch in front of Smothers. 

Myron Turner and the Baltimore boys stiffened up and stopped the Bearcats on downs inside the red zone.  When the Stallions took over, their running game was stopped in it's tracks early on, but on 4th down they ran a fake punt and AZ Bratton-Bey took the fake up the middle, made a move, hurdled over a defender and exploded 30 yards up the field for the Stallions giving them momentum.  Hill threw the fade pattern to Scroggins up the left sideline.  He made a great catch, but made it out of bounds due to the outstanding coverage by 7th Grader Carleton Taylor (Gilman Middle).  This kid is going to be awesome a the next level and we would love to get him on the FBU team this year.  On the next play we had an Optimus Prime sighting.  Hill hit Smothers on a quick out.  He shook the first defender and showed the quickness with a burst up the right sideline for 20 yards.  As the quarter changed, the Stallions found themselves in 4th and long.  Hill threw another fade pattern to Scroggins, but Taylor was in great coverage once again and forced the incompletion.

On the Bearcats next possession, 7th grade phenom Marvin Beander broke off a quick 8 yard run, but the Stallions defense stopped the Bearcats on 2 straight plays and forced them to punt.  What made them punt the ball to Smothers was beyond my comprehension, but they did.  Smothers did what he does.  He fielded the punt at this own 27 and transformed into Optimus.  He scooted up the middle, broke to the outside, turned on the jets, shook a couple of defenders and he was gone.  He had one man to beat, and that man was Carlton Taylor.  Taylor gave great effort to put himself in position to try to make a play.  A Baltimore defender trying to help his team was overzealous and made a bad block in the back on Taylor.  Smothers scintillating TD return was brought back to the 33 yard line. 

On the following play, Zionnez Spencer came in at QB.  "Zeke" is an exceptional athlete who is a better runner than Hill.  Baltimore likes to keep the defense guessing.  Spencer was being flushed out of the pocket to his right and threw off of his back foot.  The ball hung a bit and Juron Woodyard read the play from beginning to end.  He jumped the route and picked the ball off at the Bearcat 26 yard line.  Woodyard showed a burst of speed that was absolutely remarkable.  Juan Campbell has excellent speed and he was the intended receiver.  Woodyard pulled away from Campbell and outran Spencer who can also fly and had an angle on him.  Juron Woodyard is a speedster who took the INT all the way back for 6.  Instead of Baltimore being in the lead on Smother's exciting return, Woodyard upped the ante with the Pick 6.  Bonner kicked the conversion, which gave the Bearcats and 8 - 0 lead.

Baltimore got the ball back and "The Ninja" went to work.  He got the hand off at the 24 with no where to go, so it seemed.  Bey made a quick move and dipped inside.  He bounced out to the left sideline and turned on the burners.  60 yards later, Woodyard pushed him out at the 15 yard line.  Woodyard may have been the only DB fast enough to keep Bey from scoring.  Two tough runs by Johnson Lloyd got the ball in the end zone for an 8 - 6 score after the failed conversion.   When Mo Co got the ball, Jonathan Lee and Beander moved the chains.  Then "The Takeover" Eric Arvinger made a big stop in the backfield to slow the Bearcats roll.  On the next play, Bonner put one up over the middle and The Law Firm Johnson Lloyd stepped in front of it and picked it off, bringing it back into Bearcat territory.  The kid Johnson is just a football player's football player.  He is big, tough, smart, and athletic.  He has a bright future.   As the clock ran down in the 2nd quarter, Hill tried to throw the fade route to Scroggins again, but that man Taylor was in his hip pocket and picked the ball off in the end zone.

The second half started off with a bang, courtesy of Smothers.  He took the kickoff at the 20 yard line, transformed into Optimus Prime ran straight through the heart of the coverage team and by the time he hit the 50 yard line, it was a wrap.  He sprinted the last 50 yards like he was running in his own track meet with no competition.  It was 12 - 8 just like that!  On defense, AZ Bey and Johnson Lloyd made consecutive stops, then Bonner tried to hit Stott on a slant.  As Travon Stott and Morgan Scroggins lined up one on one against each other, we were looking at 2 Division 1 prospect football players go head to head.  There were D-1's all over that field but the Stott/Scroggins, Smothers/Woodyard matchups were particularly interesting.  On this play, Scroggins jumped the route and made a perfectly timed interception for the Stallions.

On the next possession, "The Ninja" bounced outside again for a nice run.  After he was forced out of bounds, he kept running and Stott kept coming.  He made contact with Bey, or Bey made contact with him depending on your vantage point.  After Bey went down and popped back up, the bone from his elbow was clearly dislocated and horrified all of us who saw it.  I began screaming for the trainer, while Bey tried to grab his elbow, hide it, and go back out on the field.  The kid had a dislocated elbow and did not even flinch.  He didn't cry.  He didn't frown.  He appeared to be more angry with us for calling the ambulance.  Azariah Bratton Bey is not only one of the best football players that I have seen in Grassroots this year or any other year.  He is one of the toughest kids I have ever seen.  Doc Walker was in disbelief at the toughness of this kid.  As was Brian Carpenter.   Bey is headed for Milford Mill in the Fall and I expect that he will have an unreal HS career.  I pray that he focuses on his grades and continues to play with the passion that he currently does.  he reminds me of Ray Rice.  He is very special. 

The loss of Bey seemed to inspire his teammates.  After a few unsuccessful attempts downfield, from about the 20 yard line, Smothers was one on one with Stott.  Hill threw the fade route.  Smothers got to the outside of Stott and he could feel Smothers to his right, but he lost sight of the ball when he turned his head.  Smothers slipped back inside of Stott in the end zoneand made the diving catch for the TD, pushing the score to 18 - 8 with a little over 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.  Beander slipped up the middle for 10 on the draw.  Then Arvinger stopped Wanat in the backfield.  After Beander made a couple more slick runs to move the chains, Bonner tried to go back upstairs to the end zone against Scroggins.  Going against Scroggins was a mistake as he picked off his second pass of the day to thwart the Bearcat comeback as the 3rd quarter came to an end.

Cedric Content (Blake) made another outstanding football play on Zeke Spencer.  Content is another in a long line of elite defenders that wear the Bearcat uniform.  His potential is limitless.  On the next drive, Jonathan Lee made a couple of big time runs to move the chains and get the Bearcats down to the 20 yard line and back in the red zone.   There was enough time to get back in the game if they could score on this possession, and they had the momentum.  But, on the next play Bonner tried to throw the slant to Stott, but Taj Washington had dropped under the curl and Juan Campbell was over the top.  Stott could not get to the spot and Campbell made another great interception on his 10 yard line.  The Stallions when from defense to offense in a hurry and Campbell had a convoy.  Taj Washington showed a level of unselfish teamwork that lets you know how passionate he is about his teammates.  He ran for 60 straight yards making blocks.  Troy Hollis gave the same effort and Campbell showed great running skills as he weaved his way to about the 30 yard line, then cut all the way back across the grain for a 90 yard return.  Jonathan Wanat showed tenacity in chasing him all the way down the field but Campbell was too fast.  90 yard TD..... Game OVER!

There was still some time left on the clock, but the Bearcats don't have a quick strike offense and kept the ball on the ground for the most part.  Lee made some more tough runs, but on the first pass attempt, Brandon Freeman got a big sack on Bonner.   After a great effort run by Lee, Bonner hit Woodyard on a sweet 20 yard pass and catch.  When it looked like Mo Co might be able to get back on the board, Shamar "Ball So Hard" Shanks made a got a sack on Bonner.   Then Spencer sacked Bonner and he coughed up the ball that was recovered by Shanks.  Shanks returned it 25 yards before being brought down.  All that was left was for Hill to take a knee 3 times and run out the clock. 

Congratulations Baltimore Metro Stallions for a great playoff game!

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