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2012 Pre-Season Synopsis

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Early Analysis:

Real Talk!  This is not promotion.... The league competition is going to be unreal this year!

The competition has been great for the first two years but we had a couple of weak teams in the league both years and could predict about two blowouts every week, unless those teams were playing each other.  In year one, PG County was struggling, as was Southern MD.  Although Southern MD came on and won their last two games, early on they were not much competition.

In year 2, Southern MD struggled more than in year 1, and never came on in the end.  Baltimore County (contracted for year 3) was not deep or strong either so the only time we expected to have 4 great games was during the week that Baltimore County played Southern MD.  Our 6 strong teams would be playing each other and the 2 weak ones played each other.  That dynamic will be NO MORE!

Year 3 is going to be a jaw dropper if this jamboree and the scrimmage between Montgomery County and Howard County are any indication.  The only team we haven't seen yet is Southern MD and I am told that they have 30 kids committed and practicing each week so depth will not be a problem for them this year and we expect them to be competitive.

It is too early to do a pre-season ranking, but all I can tell you is this.  The season will be the best one yet.  This team synopsis is in no particular order, so it is not a pre-season ranking. 

DC Warriors are locked and loaded.  They always had speed, a great offense and those kids are in attack mode on every play.  This year they have size and more depth with the result of additional youth organizations like Watkins getting on board. Coach Bink has a lot to work with and a strong chance to repeat as champions.   Coach Will and Coach Zo's defense is relentless.

Charles County looks like a High School team right now.  They are huge, well coached, and hungry.  Their lines are massive, their backs are fast, recievers are big.  I don't see a weakness. Coach Byrd and his staff can beat anyteam in this league on any day.  Definite championship contender.  Loaded at every positioni with back ups, which will be needed with a long season.

Baltimore Metro is stacked.  Their QB is pure lights out.  They don't have the most size up front but DC proved that is not a prerequisite to win in this league.  They have blazing speed, and toughness.  They are well coached and they bring it on every play like DC.  Coach Ty is the current coach of the year and for a reason.  Won the Championship in 2010, 1 game away last year.  They have the athletes to beat anybody and Bmore has never had an elite QB.  Now he does.  Watch out.  Depth may be an issue with the 9 games, but we will see.

PG Swarm always has athletes.  They were not that impressive early on in the scrimmage, but I expect Lamont Jordan and Furqaan Mosely to have them ready for battle.  Never underestimate the Swarm.  There is too much talent in PG County.  Went from 0-6 in year 1 to 3-3 last year.  Coach Jordan wants it so bad that he will bring the best out of those kids.

Prince William has athletes like PG County.  They shocked us at the combine with the size and speed.  They have 6' recievers, speed, size on the O-Line and a task master head coach Eric Levenberry who will bring the best out of them.  Coach Riley has done a great job and they will be competitive in every game.  Have to get accostomed to the speed and size of the GYFL.  When they do, they will be a problem.

Fairfax County has depth like they have never had before and athletes to boot.  They have an accurate quarterback and a committed coaching staff.  I believe they will be competitive and can play with anybody.  Jury is still out on them as we didn't get to see enough from them in the scrimmage to make a bold prediction, but I know coach Hairston and his staff take this thing Very Seriously!

Loudoun County is Loudoun County.  Won't find a better coached and more disciplined team.  They have depth like no other teams in the GYFL and this will be a long 9 game regular season.  They shocked everybody the first two years going 4 - 2 in back to back seasons.  Young this year but can beat anybody like they did in punishing DC last year.  With so many kids to try to play in a scrimmage it was tough to find standouts.

Montgomery County is loaded.  Line is massive.  Backs are tough.  Don't have an elite QB yet, but the starter has potential.  The Bearcats don't pass much anyway so it may not matter.  With the bevy of backs they have and the line, they can beat anybody.  Defense is stout and coach Stefanelli, coach Gorgone, coach Maderas and the staff are simply top notch.  Would not be surprised to see them back in the Championship.

Howard County is not as deep as some of the other teams and depth could be an issue for them, but the kids they have can flat out ball!  They are not very big up front, but have a few good sized kids.  What they have are athletes.  Nice set of QB's that do two different things.  Running backs for days.  Wideouts that can catch, and a swarming stifling defense that brings it.  Coach T. White will be ready and they can beat anybody on the schedule.

Southern MD is the only team that we have not seen yet.  The jury is definately still out.  What we do know is that they had some athletes show up at the combines and show out.  They have 30 kids practicing on a regular basis.  The issue in the first two years for them has always been lack of depth.  You can't survive in this league with only 17 or 18 players. The hitting is too hard.  The demands are too tough.  Attrition will get you as it has gotten Southern MD in the past.  We don't know what they have, but we know that coach Lee Davis and his staff are committed to being competitive this year and we suspect that they will.


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