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Season 3 Jamboree Write Up

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Kasim Hill of Baltimore Metro Stallions Kasim Hill of Baltimore Metro Stallions



The Pre-Season Jamboree was off the chain at Wilson this past Sunday.  We had 7 of the 10 teams show up and get it in. 

Baltimore Metro was stacked and loaded with QB Kasim  Hill (will attend Eastern Christian Academy) throwing strikes all over the field.  Kid comes from Delaware and is a special talent that can make every throw.  He is an elite 7th grader that has the size, athletic ability, and smarts to do it all.  Should have a spectacular season and was impressive all day.  He has some great targets to throw to.  Steven Smothers aka Optimus Prime (will attend Franklin HS) will be one of his favorite targets and was impressive in the run and pass game.  Smothers is a fantastic athlete from Pikesville that can do it all.  Many compare him to a young Stefon Diggs.  Rostin Bromell is a returning GYFL All Star for Baltimore that will be the featured running back this year.  He runs over and through people and showed what he could do at the jamboree.  The Stallions have a number of talented players and this post will be updated when we get more information from the coaching staff on who stood out.  Morgan Scroggins was wearing #6 in the blue jersey and he is an absolute stud!

Charles County looks like a High School football team already.  They have a massive offensive and defensive line led by Terrance "Squeal" Davis (Will attend DeMatha) and Matthew Hunt (Will attend St. Johns).  They are not the only studs on that line either.  They were dominant at the point of attack on both sides of the ball in every scrimmage, with the exception of the DC scrimmage.  Running Back core is talented with Devin Montgomery (St. Mary's Ryken) and Damien Jones (St. Mary's Ryken) splitting time.  Montgomery is quick, speedy, shifty and tough, while Jones is just an animal on offense and defense.  Well coached team with talented players at every position.  They have some great looking recievers whose names we don't know yet.  Post will be updated when coach Byrd provides additional information.

DC Warriors (Reigning GYFL Champions) are loaded again!  Exciting, hard hitting, athletic and loaded at ever spot.  They even have some big lineman this year.  With the addition of the top players from the Watkins Hornets, combined with the Beacon House kids, along with a number of other youth organizations and middle schools, this team is outright frightening.  The starting QB did not play and we don't know the name of the tall and skinny 7th grade QB yet, but I promise you we will.  This kid was throwing strikes to a bevy of talented recievers.  Navon "Skully" Prince (Will attend Wilson), a GYFL Alum and FBU All Star was sensational, as were his FBU comrades Patrick Johnson (McKinley Tech) who ran the 4.50 forty at the combine and Delonte Hellams, a tall talented reciever who caught everything thrown his way.  C.J. Rainey (Still undecided on HS and being heavily recruited) ran well from the TB spot. 
          C.J. Rainey Turns the Corner                                                                                                    
Rainey attended two combines and ran a high 4.6.  He was the young man in the Sports & Learning Combine video at the very beginning running his 40 with the gray Under Armour Shirt on.  Kid can fly and should have a good season.  Offensive line was anchored by returning GYFL All Star Mike Williams and 7th Grade future phenon Lawtez Rogers.  With the addition of 6'3 340lb Richard Merritt, and FBU All Star, the DC line will be insane.  The scary part of it is, GYFL Alum and FBU All Star Lorenzo "Lo Lo" Harrison (DeMatha) has not even suited up yet.  It won't be fair when he gets out there.  Coach Bink will provide more information on the other kids who were impressive but whose names we don't know yet.  GYFL All Star Darrin Pullen was dominant on defense.  Another GYFL 2011 All Star Donnell Lowery had a great 7th grade season with the Warriors, made plays all over the field in the scrimmage and is expected to have another solid year for the Champions.

Fairfax County came deep and is very well coached and organized.  The offense has size and speed with QB Brad Schhaefer having an outstanding reciever core to throw to, let by TE/WR Max Gallahan (St. Stephens) who will catch anything in his area and speedster Mohamed Kamara who had one of the fastest 40 times at the Nova Combine.  Several schools have him on their radar.

The offensive line was young with a couple of experienced players out with injury.  We expect the line to be a lot better before opening day.  The defense will be the strength of the Colts and was on display on this day.  They have the size on the D Line and great speed at linebacker.  The defense was led by DE Ozzie Opuku who was dominant during the scrimmages.  He has a combination of speed and aggression that you can't teach.  The linebackers Jordan Knapper and Hunter Wilkens worked well together and made some outstanding plays all day.  They have a GYFL 7th grader who returns for his 8th grade year at CB named Aaron Ince.  Aaron is a workout warrior.  He and Knapper never missed a GYFL conditioning clinic, both excelled at the combines and came to camp in great shape.  Ince had 3 interceptioins last year during the GYFL season.  He has the speed and technique to be a shutdown corner.  The Colts have athletes at every position and we expect it to be hard for teams to deal with the depth of the Colts.

Loudoun County came DEEEEP like they always do.  They appeared to have about 60 kids dressed and ready to rock.  We need details from Coach Rusty to provide and accurate report as we don't know all of the names of the star kids yet.  As a team, they looked very well balanced and aggressive.  They have always been and will always be very well coached.  They excecute with perfection and did so in all of the scrimmages.  Appeared to be a lot younger in a variety of positions and didn't appear to have as many explosive athletes as last year.  They showcased a 6'2 stud QB last year named Nick Johns who is at Gonzaga now.  I didn't see a Nick Johns clone out there, but it is still early.  Tough, hard nosed backs who run hard and the defense was always in position.  Had a couple of monster kids at the combine who we didn't get a chance to focus on, but we expect 7th grader Daniel Renaud and 8th grader Noel Hijazi to be specatacular this year.  Looking forward to the complete update from Coach Rusty real soon.

Prince George's County has a ton of athletic ability.  Their offensive line needed some work at coach Jordan likes to run the ball but there were not that many holes available in the early parts of the scrimmage.  Christian Melgar looks to be one of the featured back and he has a ton of talent.  He played as a 7th Grader and did well.  I believe we heard he was going to McNamara but I can't confirm that as of press time.  7th Grade QB Miles Temoney looks like he is going to be pretty good with more experience.  Picked up the offense with ease and with more time to get the ball to GYFL Alum and FBU All Star Trevon "Pick 6" Diggs, he should be able to rack up some statistics. 

            Trevon Diggs Ready for Action

The Swarm defense produced 4 turnovers on the day and only gave up 3 first downs and two scores on the day one score was a fluke pass that was caught of a tipped pass. The offense was less than stellar and as coach Jordan said needs to improve up front. He also added that he has know doubt that they will be primed and ready to put points on the board matching his defense's intensity. The Swarm showed off some off their studds at the Jamboree. Players like Josh Bonner who all the coaches looked at like a freak boasting strength and size Bonner was called the new "Man Child", FB Malik Lewis will boaster that Swarm LB/RB corp. The secondary had two impressive brothers from PG Storm Teyon Davis and Sir Scott and completed by Ejaaz Mosley, an athletic shut down 8th grade DB who is up and coming. I think the PG Swarm will give a lot of teams this year a run for their money. GYFL Alum and FBU All Star Armondo Alverado (Riverdale Baptist) should be a big help when he recovers from injury.  Word on the street is the Peppermill Village Phenom QB Keyshawn Ebron has been coming to practice and will be a big help.

Prince William County is loaded with talent as well.  In early scrimmages, the speed and violence of the game seemed foreign to them and it took a minute for them to get used to the GYFL pace, but once they did they showed why there is so much excitement about them.  QB Donavan Williams is a physical  specimen and was so impressive at the combine that he got recruited by EVERYBODY.  Word is that he is going to Carroll next year and may have a chance to make the varsity.  Congrats Donovan.  If that is true, we will discourage him from playing in Grassroots this season becasue we don't want kids that will play varsity to take a chance on injury.  The GYFL competition is superior to most freshman and JV competition so the typical rising 9th grader can only benefit by playing, but not a varsity kid.  That means there may be opportunity for another PW QB to step in.  QB Brandon Pitt threw a beautiful ball but we need to get his first name from the coaches.  I believe the last name is Pitts.  Another QB Nick Arnold showed great versatility.  Kameron Kyles, C.J, Miles and a number of kids were impressive. 

Dominique Benson showed promise at WR.  Eric Kumah, who showed off at the combines showed flashes on the offensive end at reciever as well.  Very explosive with great size at 6'1 and about 170lbs.  PW has a big line as well.  Jaloni Stanley was stout at noseguard, along with Ben Myers on the offensive line.  The extra week of practics should benefit them tremendously as they prepare for the opener on May 12.  Also looking forward from a complete report from coach Levenberry and Coach Riley.  Post will be updated upon reciept.



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