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2012 Week #7 Summary

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Week #7 Summary:

Week 7 June 23rd @ Wilson Sr. High School
3950 Chesapeake St. NW Washington, DC 20016

(0-7) Southern MD Wildcats


(7-0) Montgomery County Bearcats


(3-4) Prince George's County Swarm


(2-5) Prince William County Lions


(2-5) Louduon County Eagles


(5-2) Charles County Heat


(5-2) Baltimore Metro Stallions


(1-5) Fairfax County Colts


(4-3) District of Columbia Warriors


(6-1) Howard County Stars


Week 7 was one of the toughest for me personally. It was the first time in three years that I have had to miss a Grassroots slate of games and it was grueling! I was happy to hear that my awesome staff was able to keep everything together on a day that was full of challenges. Only those that have ever had to run a league can truly identify with all of the drama that can take place trying to put on major events.

We were originally scheduled to play at the new field that was is being built at Bishop O’Connell, but construction delays would not allow us to play that game and we had to scramble to find a suitable field. Wilson came through for us, but there were some logistic issues that we did not anticipate. Our effort over the last three years to expose all of our parents to a variety of elite HS, both public and private in as many regions as possible has been a novel concept and we think we have pulled it off.

However, it is very challenging logistically to find the spots that work perfectly for a GYFL event. We need ample parking. We need to control the gate access. We need the scoreboard, the PA system needs to work and we need to be able to use it without issues from neighbors. We need access to ice machines, the proximity needs to be fair for all regions. We need bathroom access for all of our parents and the bathrooms need to be nice. There are a number of issues that we need to have in order to provide the consistent experience that we want to have and we have been experimenting with a variety of different venues over the last 3 years. Although we think it has worked pretty well, we will need to seriously decide about the future and whether we want to continue to try to go all over the DMV, or to find 2 or 3 venues that work perfectly for us and lock in with those.

Anyway, I applaud GYFL VP JB Brown, Assistant to the President Tangie Golston, Director of Security Phil Taylor and the rest of the GYFL Staff for making the adjustments needed on the fly to make it a good experience. We also thank Wilson and particularly head Coach Mark Martin for making the facility available to us, although we did have some obstacles to overcome. I understand it was challenging for some of you to find parking and the walk to the Nebraska Ave entrance was long for some. Wilson is a beautiful facility and we are very appreciative of them opening their arms to us in a pinch.

I understand the neighbors complained about the volume of the announcer and we did not have any announcing going on for part of the day. We understand that Wilson Alumni Warren Buffet was in the school doing a reunion function, which was one of the reasons we had to abandon the sound for a period of time.

We thank you for being patient with us and working through the issues. There was also a semi-pro game scheduled for early evening and we were pressed to get out of there a bit earlier than usual. I know it was hot, and I know a number of the team are no longer in the playoff race so it is more difficult to stay motivated. I thank and appreciate all of your patience and assure that it will pay off in the long run. The relationship you are developing with Grassroots is only beginning and the real payoff will come later down the line while your children are in high school. Remember, or goal is to maximize their chances to compete for a college scholarship in 4 years!

It is not just to win a GYFL Championship and go undefeated. There are kids out there like Petey Thomas, Jhordan Green, Randy Burke, Noel Hijazi, Anthon Page, John Day, Max Nail, Ozzie Opuku, James Green, Michael Collins, Eric Kumah, Brandon Pitt, Marcus Brooks and many more that are playing on losing teams that don’t have a chance to make it to the playoffs, but that have made a name for themselves in the GYFL this year and will be in the hunt for a scholarship in 4 years.

They have played against competition this summer that has made them better football players, regardless of the score. They have begun to create a resume of film that will be able to be used to market them to the FBU Camps, the Junior Rank Camps, the National Underclassmen Combines, the MD High Showcases, the Rivals events, etc. We have promoted the heck out of all of the kids, win or lose and they have become household names that High School Coaches know about. Who knew about Brandon Hilton (#23), the electrifying KR/RB/DB for Prince William County? Who know about DJ White (#7) from Prince William that can do it all? Who knew about big DeJuan Marble (#75) from Southern MD who has all the potential in the world to be a big time lineman one day?

We promote the stars on the winning teams of the GYFL as much as possible, but we also promote the kids who are battling on losing teams. At the end of the day, high school coaches and college coaches don’t recruit whole teams. They recruit individual players that they know about. Grassroots has provided a spotlight for kids like Max Nail and Jordan Napper from Fairfax. They may not be winning many games. But, they are being highlighted. They are getting noticed. They are getting better! They will all be better in high school because of this experience, trust me.

More importantly, they are a part of a very powerful family and network that can open doors for them that nobody can close. I feel for those that chose to quit these teams because they are losing. I believe in finishing what you start. I understand that there has been frustration for many. There is only 1 ball on the field and only 11 players can be on the field at one time. Some get frustrated for lack of playing time. Some get frustrated for lack of touches. Some get frustrated with me for lack of acknowledgment. I get all of that. But, life is not fair guys. Never has been fair and never will be fair. The Good Lord never said that life would be fair, only that if we trusted in HIM that he would be with us.

The network for those that have stayed and endured will be there for you in the future just like we are for you in the present. You can’t understand at this point how important that will be in the future. But, when you get there you will understand.

I have been criticized by some for insinuating that Grassroots was the only way to get on the radar screen for the top high schools and to get a scholarship. I have been accused by some for giving off the impression that if a kid does not play Grassroots he doesn’t have a chance. If anyone has taken that from my statements or drawn that conclusion, I am going on record as stating that to be totally untrue. I apologize if any of you got that impression by anything that I have said or written.

I just care so much about all of your kids. I know how truly political the game of football is. It is always political when you are on the wrong end of the supply and demand curve and all of your kids are on the wrong end of that dynamic. There are millions of talented kids all over the country with the same dream, but only 106 Division 1 colleges that offer scholarship.   I have lived this life and understand it from the top to the bottom. I know all of the coaches. I know how they think. I know what they are looking for. I know what they expect. I know how important the rankings will be in the end of the day. I know the ranking authorities and I know how they think. They are looking for a way to be able to identify the next group of elite young talent, and we happen to be one of the first to have established a league to provide that information and data for them and they are thirsty for it.

I know the elite camp organizers at the high school level and I know what they are looking for. They are living on our website now. We got over 1 Million hits on the website for the months of May and June. People are paying attention to this stuff. They are depending on us to provide insight for them. They are waiting for our end of the season rankings for the class of 2016. They are waiting for our pre-season predictions and rankings for the class of 2017. They need somebody to tell them who to watch for, and we are the ones who have been chosen to provide that information to High School Coaches, College Coaches, Rivals, FBU, Junior Rank, etc. I say all of that to say this to you parents and kids: I am not suggesting that we are the only way, but we are certainly a very important way.

We are going to support and promote the kids that have supported and promoted us. We can’t evaluate kids that we have not seen. That is why we want kids to play in this league. When they do so, we can evaluate them against the best of the best and we can feel confident when we tell a coach that “This kid is a baller!” When I tell a coach about an AZ Bratton Bey from Baltimore, or an Alec Martin from Charles County, or an Antonio Favors from DC, or an Aaron Ince from Fairfax, or a Deandre House from Howard, or a Charlie Clewis from Loudoun, or a Charlie Siarkas from Montgomery County, or a Malcolm Murray from PG, or a Dominic Benson from Prince William, or a Petey Thomas from Southern MD, I can put my reputation on the line in saying that I have seen those kids play a full season of games against the best of the best talent that is available.

Do we have every great 7th and 8th grader in the league this summer? Of course not. But, we have do a serious group of elite kids that can flat out get it done and will be some of the tops in their classes over the next 4 years.  I can’t spend time talking about the kids that aren’t here. Many played last year and showed what they could do as 7th graders and became some of the most highly recruited and sought after 8th graders in the region last season. Others played with us on the FBU State All Star teams so we had a chance to see them, which was great. There were a number of others out there he did neither and that is their choice and I respect it.

I can’t speak about the other organizations, who they are tied to, how connected they are with the powers that be that make major decisions about players. I only know about who we know, who we are connected to, and who we have influence with that can change your kids lives. I know what we are able to do for kids and I hope that does not come off as cocky because it is not my intention. It is truly a blessing from God that we have the connections and influence that we have and any many is foolish to be cocky about a gift from God. As surely as it has been given, it can and will be taken away if it is not respected, honored, and cherished. I prayed for this opportunity and these relationships and the prayers have been answered. All we want to do is share them with your children and we don’t want any children to miss out on the opportunities. We feel like so many do when they are not connected to what we are doing. So yes, I do press the issue for kids and parents to be a part of Grassroots. Yes, I do promote the relationships and opportunities out there. If you want to say that I dangle them, then I guess I do. I will do anything to reach a child and a parent and try to get them to take a glimpse at the world that they want their child to enter.

So stick with us guys through thick and thin. Stick with us through good times and bad. Don’t allow the frustration to break your spirits. Football is a tough game. You are only one injury away from being on the spotlight and if you are sulking and not ready for it, when your opportunity comes you will not be prepared to take advantage of it. Enough of my perspective for now, let’s get to the action!

Game #1: Montgomery County 43, Southern MD 0

{webplayer video=images/stories/videos/2012-wk7-game-1.f4v}

Montgomery County has flat out been the class of the league thus far. They made it through the gauntlet (which is what I call playing against the top 5 teams in this league) and came out unscathed and undefeated. It is a tribute to great coaching, and great system, great players, but also a great commitment from parents to get their kids to practice and trust in a system that is time tested.

The Bearcats came out with the intention of getting a comfortable lead and allowing some of their players who don’t normally get a chance to play a lot to strut their stuff, and this exactly what happened. The gold standard players came out dominating. The Bearcat line is a special group. Cody Peterson, Charlie Siarkas, Kyle Laughner, Jack Stubbs, Brandon Ngati, 7th Grade phenom Jalen Lea, and the rest of the offensive line have controlled the line of scrimmage every week this year, opening up holes for elite running backs like two time GYFL All Star Daqwan Hill, Jonathan Lee, 7th Grader Marvin Beander, and 7th grader Darius Golston.

On this first drive, after a great kickoff return by two time GYFL All Star Travon Stott, Daqwan Hill was the workhorse, moving the ball down to the 25, before he sprinted around the right end and turned on the speed to get to the corner. He dove into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game and a 6 – 0 lead. After a nice kickoff return by DeMartez “Petey” Thomas, the Wildcats moved the chains once with Deandra Bush handling the TB duties, but they were forced to punt.

Brandon Beavers, who plays all over the field for the Wildcats started at QB and doubled as the punter got off a nice kick, which Stott caught at the 47 yard line. He had a wall of blockers setting up a wall on the left side of the field and they made a couple of nice blocks. Malcolm Littlejohn sprung Stott on the run and Stott used his blazing speed to get to that corner and put another six points up on the board. After another punt by the Wildcats, Stott almost got loose on another punt return.

In comes Marvin Beander at TB, who broke a sweet run off the right side of the line for about 20 yards as the first quarter ran out. Beander got the second long run of the day on the second carry, dipping and dodging his way to the 8 yard line. 6th Grade QB Doc Bonner finished that drive off with a sweet timing pattern in the back of the end zone to Stott for an 18 – 0 score. On the next possession, the Wildcats has fumbling issues in the backfield and the Bearcats got it right back when Izon Pulley recovered it. On the defensive side, Petey broke through the line and made a big hit on backup QB Shawn Bliss as he released the ball on a slip screen and it was a lateral which gave the Wildcats some life.

They featured Jonathan Lee on this drive and after a nice 24 yard run up the middle, he finished off the last 16 yards on a carry around the right corner for the TD behind great line blocking, and another outstanding block by Littlejohn, who is one of the best blocking WR in the league. A mishandled kickoff and recovery by Tremayne Stott gave the ball right back to the Bearcats and this time the Bliss immediately went over the top to 7th grade WR Khalil Owens who beat his man on the wheel route. It was a perfect pass. At this point the score was 30 – 0 and the route was on as we went into halftime.

Petey came out running hard in the 3rd quarter and moving the chains. From the 40 yard line of the Wildcats, Beavers threw a slant pass slightly behind Bush which was deflected into the hands of Malcolm Littlejohn. Malcolm has can do more than block. He has great hands and speed and turned upfield and sprinted back into the end zone for a TD to push the score to 36 – 0.

Bush almost broke the ensuing kickoff but was brought down at the Wildcat 45 yard line. The 3rd quarter ended with that score as the Bearcat defense stiffened and forced a turnover on downs. Next it was highlight time for Darius Golston from about 65 yards. He got the handoff, broke to the right sideline, got hemmed in, cut all the way back against the grain and brought it across the 50. Then it turned into a footrace and nobody was going to catch him. 50 yards later he was in the end zone and after the conversion pass to Littlejohn was complete, the score was 43 – 0. Beander finished the game off with another great run as time ran out.

Prime time player for Montgomery County was Malcolm Littlejohn. For Southern MD it was Ryland Sweetney.

Game #2: Prince William County 26, Prince George’s County 25

{webplayer video=images/stories/videos/2012-wk7-game-2.f4v}

This was without a doubt the best game of the day. We thought that Prince William was a legitimate team and they proved it on this day against the Swarm.   On the opening drive for the Swarm, Miles Temoney went over the top of the defense after finding Trevon “Pick 6” Diggs in one on one coverage with a smaller defender.   Diggs set up the defender with an inside stick move then ran a go pattern. Temoney hit him in stride and he took it all the way down to the Prince William 20 before he was tackled by Brandon Hilton.

Temoney made a great throw on what appeared to be a broken play. He rolled to his right and looked for a receiver. He found Julian Gorham at the 1 yard line and hit him right on the money. Gorham mad a nice catch and the Swarm were in business at first and goal. Temoney ran a QB sneak right behind two time FBU All Stars Taheeb Sonekan and Yuka Onya to take the early lead at 6 – 0. Nick Arnold made a big stop on two time GYFL All Star and FBU All Star Aaron Pray to stop the conversion attempt.

When the Lions took over, Brandon Pitt, who has been playing lights out football from the QB position, began to move the team with his feet and arm. The spread offense has been a friend to Pitt and the Lions offense. They got deep into Swarm territory but were forced to punt. The Lions defense stiffened on the next drive and forced a Swarm punt. Big Savion Williams made a big stop and forced a Lion punt to give the ball back to the Swarm.   The Lion defense did a great job of containing the always dangerous FBU All Star James Green who has been terrorizing the league of late. As the quarter ended the score was still 6 – 0.

On a miscommunication between Temoney and Maceo Barbosa, the ball went one way over the middle and Barbosa went another way. Nathan Lomboy stepped in and made the diving interception to give the Lions the ball back.   A pass interference penalty on Terrell Dance moved the ball into Swarm territory.   Shortly after that, Pitt found Eric Kumah on a crossing pattern and the big WR who can do it all made the catch in traffic and carried the DB down to the 4 yard line. Kumah is a kid that nobody heard much about during the first 5 games, but he is showing the GYFL nation that is an elite receiver and must be in the discussion with some of the best in the league. He has two more games to make an even stronger case, but I digress.

Brandon Hilton shaked and baked his way into the end zone on an inside hand off. He got behind some great blocking by Eddie Mussey, Anthony Serafino, Nasheed Hargrove, Peter Finley, and Issa Hazzou. The pass conversion was good to Dominic Benson, who is another big, fast receiver has has gone relatively unnoticed in the beginning of the season, but is an legit ball player.

James Green had a nifty run around the right side of the line, then FBU All Star Malik Lewis had a nice run as well to show his versatility and that he is more than a top LB. Just when we thought Prince William had cracked the code on stopping Green, he showed us why he is one of the top backs in the league.   He went to the Wildcat formation, received the snap, ran to the left side of the line, found a hole up the middle, cut it up and put in the second gear! When Green gets in the secondary you can go ahead and leave your seat for popcorn because it is a wrap. He will not get caught. 52 yards later it was another 6 points for the Swarm. Diggs made what appeared to be a great toe dragging catch in the endzone for the conversion but it was ruled out of bounds. It would prove to be a big moment in the game as you will find out later.

DJ Wright made a nice catch on the right sideline as the Lions tried to score again before the half. Than Pitt when back to the big man again, Kumah. This time he hit him on a post pattern over the middle to move the ball to the 5 yard line. I must get the name of this Offensive Coordinator from West Springfield High School because this offense is outstanding and has changed the culture of this Prince William County team, who was always tough on defense, but couldn’t move the ball consistently on anybody. Pitt found Wright wide open in the right flat and he scored easily with a little less than 3:00 left in the first half. The conversion failed and the score was 13 – 12 Lions.

On the next possession for the Swarm, Green almost broke another one, but what appeared to be a great block by FB Keven Thomas was called a hold and it was called back. FBU All Star Michael Collins moved into the TB slot, then Temoney tried to go over the top to Diggs and the ball was picked off by Brandon Hilton. Diggs put a sensational move on the corner and appear to be wide open as the ball floated downfield. Coach Levenberry had Hilton in cover 2 and he was waiting on the pass, which he did pick off.

Savion Williams got a big sack on Pitt, then came through and got his second sack. This time he forced a fumble that was recovered by standout Jordan Jacobs, who is having a phenomenal year for the Swarm on both sides of the ball. The half ran out on an incomplete pass to Barbosa.

Nick Arnold scooped up the squib kick and got loose down the sidelines. It looked like he may go all the way until Barbosa came out of nowhere and lowered the boom on him out of bounds at about the Swarm 25. It gave the Lions great momentum. Kumah struck again with a big catch on a deep hook pattern and pushed it to the 7 yard line. Malcolm Murray made a big tackle on Hilton when it looked like he had room to maneuver. Kalil Wilkens-Coleman had a nice defensive play for the Swarm. Then it was Ejaaz Moseley, who made a great play deflecting a TD pass away from Benson and forcing a turnover on downs.

PG held the ball and controlled clock on that drive using a steady diet of Green, Lewis, and Temoney to Diggs. As the 3rd quarter ended, the Swarm were inside the red zone of the Lions, but Green was injured and Diggs became the Wildcat QB. As they moved into scoring position, Temoney tried to get the ball to Diggs on a crossing route and he appeared to be open, but the LB’s drops were perfect and Zion Johnson stepped in front of Diggs to pick of the 3rd Temoney pass of the day.

Kumah makes a one handed catch and drags defenders for another 10 yards. There has been a big debate on the message boards about who the top 5 receivers are. Before you guys put your unofficial ballots on the table, check out the film of this kid the last two weeks and tell me he is not one of the top WR in the league. Then, quick Brandon Hilton struck again with that inside handoff. It is a very deceptive play and when it works, the LB’s have no idea who has the ball. Hilton struck them for about 20 yards on this one to move inside the Swarm 40 yard line. As soon as I sing the praises of Kumah, he slipped behind the defense again and Pitt made a very good pass that slipped off the fingertips of Kumah. Would have been a great catch, but he is capable of making it and should have caught that one.

Kumah redeemed himself two plays later when he went up and leaped over 2 great players, James Green and Trevon Diggs, made the catch, then outsprinted another phenomenal player in FBU All Star Terrell Dance to the end zone for another score. Jacobs turned in another sack on the extra point attempt and the score was 19 – 12 Prince William with 7:02 left in the game. Malik Lewis had a great kickoff return all the way out to the 45, with a penalty tacked on; the Swarm got the ball at the 30 yard line. Green struck again with a beautiful run around the right side for six. Temoney ran in the extra point to tie up the score at 19.

Owens and Coleman took out the kick returner deep in Lion territory when Pick 6 Diggs struck for the Swarm. Pitt scrambled and threw across his body down the middle of the field. That may work in youth ball, but not here with these types of athletes. Diggs picked it off and gave the Swarm all the momentum at the Lion 24 yard line. Green hit them again down to the 2 yard line, but a penalty moved it back. But Lewis got some good blocking on the left side and got it right back inside the 5 yard line. A great call by Coach Jordan on the bootleg found Temoney back in the end zone for six, but Green could not convert the extra point. With 5:14 left on the clock the score was 25 – 19 Swarm.

DJ Wright had a great kickoff return to get it close to the 50. On the next play, Hilton exploded up the middle on the inside hand off again, but Wilkens-Coleman came up from his DB spot and literally lowered the boom on him, as the crowd went wild. Pitt made great scramble with strong pass fakes to create space and move the chains.   Then the Swarm defense tightened up, forcing Pitt to make plays with his feet, which he did.   The eventually pushed it inside the 1 yard line and Pitt scored on a QB sneak to tie the score. It would come down to the extra point.

After an illegal procedure penalty pushed the ball back to the 7 yard line with 14 seconds on the clock, Pitt surveyed the field. The crowd expected him to go to the big receiver Kumah who had been dominating all day. Instead, he went to the lightning quick DJ Wright, who had James Green covering him one on one in the right slot and Diggs playing safety over the top. Wright put a move on Green and got inside of him, and then he slipped behind Diggs into the back of the end zone. It would have taken a perfect pass to squeeze it in there and that is exactly what Pitt delivered! Completion…. Extra Point Good…… Game Over! The final score was Prince William 26, PG Swarm 25.

The Prime Time Player for the Lions was Eric Kumah. The Prime time player for the Swarm was James Green.

Game #3: Charles County 44, Loudoun County 6

{webplayer video=images/stories/videos/2012-wk7-game-3.f4v}

It is always a blast to try to figure out which uniforms the Loudoun County Eagles will break out in. They are like the Maryland Terrapins with so many options. They went with the White tops and black pants today.   On their first offensive play, they came out throwing and had a man deep down the left sideline. QB Danny Mullen made a very nice throw, but Cole Roscick could not haul it in. Appear to go right off of his fingertips.

Gunnery Hilling had some success right up the middle of the Heat line, as did Anthony Wright. The Mullen found Roscick again on a wheel route and this time he delivered with the catch before a hard tackle by FBU All Star Devin Montgomery.   The Eagles kept coming at the highly favored Heat and got on the board first with a great flat pattern to Adam Hudler, who hauled in the nice pass from Mullen and turned it into 6 points. The extra point was no good and the stunned Heat came to the sideline to get the business from the coaching staff. It only took one play for the superstar Damien Jones to make his presence felt. He got the pitch off the right side, got a great block from Andrew Rothstein, and sprinted to the sideline. 60 yards later the score was tied just like that. Jones is a special player who will be a star at the next level if he continues to work hard and stay humble. Gene Blair’s kick made the score 8 – 6 Heat.

Mullen’s first pass of the drive was picked off by Aaron Holliday of the Heat. I love to see kids like Holliday get an opportunity to step in and show what he can do.  All Star teams can be tough with so many great players on one team, but only 1 football and only 11 being able to be on the field at one time.  In All Star situations it takes a great deal of patience becasue oftentime excellent athletes like Holliday don't get a chance to shine, which is why we promote the combines so much in addition to the league.  Holliday is an excellent player and athlete who performed very well at the combines and just missed the top performers cut on the 40, and the pro agility, but he excelled at the vertical.  We also had a roster mistake on him, as we did with a number of other kids so we have not been giving him credit because we didn't have the right jersey number for him.  We will be watching for #32 from now on and were happy for him to get a chance in the spotlight.  We encourage parents to let us know if we have made mistakes with your children's names or numbers.  Don't hesitate to go to the press box, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can get it right.

Back to the game.  The next play was Devin Montgomery’s time to show his running skills, which he did and a beautiful cut back run for about 25 yards.   Then Jones struck again from the 20 yard line with another great run for the highlight film. This time it was around the left side. Blair made it 16 – 6 with the kick. On the next drive, QB Aaron Parker made his first mistake of the game trying to throw across his body and had the ball intercepted by Charlie Clewis.

The Heat defense forced a punt and they took possession. Montgomery broke off a long run up the middle then Aaron Parker, who has been playing great QB for the Heat went deep to his favorite target Alec Martin. This may have been the first pass we have seen all season that touched Martins hands that he did not bring in. On the next play Parker went right back to him on the deep post pattern from the 46 yard line of the Heat. With the safety playing up to stop the run, Martin had an open path to the middle of the field and Parker made the back shoulder throw. Martin leaped to catch it as two Eagle defenders ran into each other. Martin sprinted the rest of the way for the score.   Blair’s kick was blocked by Anthony Page and the score was 22 – 6 with 5 minutes left in the half.

The offensive line anchored by Tim Ursery, Warren Clements, Terrence “Big Squeal” Davis, Anthony Whigman, Brandon Spearman and Jamie Higginbotham just kept opening holes up the middle for Jones, Montgomery, and Joshua Chase, which created a huge hole on the outside for Jayson Johnson to run a jet sweep down to the Loudoun County 10 yard line. Then Aaron Parker struck again with a beautiful bootleg pass to TE Andrew Rothstein, who is turning in a fabulous GYFL season for the Heat. He connected for the TD pass to increase the score to 30 – 6 after the successful kick by Blair with 1:20 left in the first half.

Anthony Page brought the ensuing kick back close to the 50, and then Danny Mullen went to work. The eventually turned it over on downs. Parker found Rothstein deep down the middle to get back into scoring position, but they ran out of time in the half, with the score 30 -6 in favor of the Heat.   As the second half started the Eagles came out with a spark. Mullen was accurate through the air while Anthony Page had a bit of success behind the massive Eagle OL.  

Mullen connected with Joseph Lafonte on a short post. Then he found Roscick on 2 out patterns, and the Eagles were in business. When they got deep into the red zone, they could not convert and turned it over on downs. As the 4th quarter began, the score was still 30 – 6. Damien Jones and Devin Montgomery both has long runs to get the ball into Eagle territory.   Perrin Turner got into the backfield and slipped up the middle of the field for a 17 yard TD run to make the score 36 – 6 with under 5:00 on the clock.

On the Eagles next possession, the Eagles brought QB Grayson Fortin into the game and he threw a beautiful to pass to Nick Clarkson, who is a very underrated player. Clarkson performed exceptional at our combines and has some potential. He has good size, speed, and hands. He is an effective blocker and is asked to do more of that for the Eagles. On this play he had a chance to convert a nice completion, but he dropped the ball as Damien Jones arrived late to lower the boom on him, which he did. Jones is just a ferocious football player on both sides of the ball.

Meech Hembry had a nice run up the middle and showed some skill.   On the next play, Fortin was victimized by Jones who came over from his safety position to pick off the fly pattern. What he did next was astounding. He showed us the fierce hitting skills on the prior play. He showed the DB skills on this play. Then he showed the great RB skills as he electrified the with an assortment of broken tackles, spin moves, reversal of field, and true field vision. He was one defender away from another score3 and was brought down at the 14 yard line.   Jones is a major Division 1 prospect right now as an 8th grader. If I were a college coach, I would offer him sight unseen. He is that good. Two plays later, Joshua Chase broke into the Eagle secondary for the late score which made it 44 – 6, as time ran out.

The Prime Time Player for Charles County was Andrew Rothstein. For the Eagles it was QB Danny Mullen who showed considerable accuracy on the day.  

Game #4: Baltimore Metro 38, Fairfax County 0

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The Stallions from Baltimore Metro desperately needed to get back into the win column. They would be without their star QB Kasim Hill, who was injured last week at Spalding. First year QB Sam Friedman would be taking over the QB duties for the day. They did get back a number of their players that had been missing the prior few weeks. Multi-talented WR/DB Morgan Scroggins, fresh off of a scholarship offer from Youngstown State was back, along with the Troy and Travon Hollis. Without Hill, Steven Smothers, and Shamar Shanks on the day, the Stallions would need their horses to fill in admirably. Fairfax has been reeling with a string of tough losses, but they should not be taken lightly. After an exchange of punts on the first two possessions, the Stallions came out throwing. Sam Friedman dropped back and let the long ball fly. He had Morgan Scroggins streaking down the right sideline. The back shoulder throw was perfect and Morgan made a great catch, avoided the two defenders at the 20, and sprinted into the end zone for the first score. The first quarter ended with a 6 – 0 score.

The Stallions came out pounding on the ground in the second quarter behind AZ Bratton Bey aka “The Ninja”, Johnson Lloyd “The Law Firm” and Big Malik Alston.   A big sack by Austin Bostic after a completion to Murad Hussain changed the momentum for a play in the favor of Fairfax. However, on the next play, the Law Firm made the GYFL highlight reel as he got the handoff at the 28 yard line, broke to the left, cut it up inside, took on a tackle, performed a sweet spin move at the 15 yard line and trotted into the end zone for six. Montrez Watt, Myron Turner, and Javon Childs got great blocks on the play, but the Law Firm did most of the work on that play. Fairfax could not move the ball consistently against Baltimore and the 2nd half began with a 12 – 0 score.

Both teams turned it over on downs early, but a controversial call gave the Stallions their third score of the game.   The Fairfax QB Carlston Burch tried to throw a swing pass that was incomplete but it was ruled as a lateral. Morgan Scroggins scooped it up and ran it in for a touchdown and the referees put their hands up. The Fairfax fans were stunned, but the touchdown stood.   Fairfax stopped the Stallions and on the first pass play the Fairfax QB tried to throw the ball into the flat, but Juan Campbell stepped right in front of the receiver at the 37 yard line, picked it off and took it to the house for the score. After Campbell’s conversion, the score was 26 – 0 with 1:26 left in the third quarter. Before the quarter ended, Campbell crushed the heart of the Colts from almost the same 37 yard line. On a halfback option pass, Juan jumped another pass, picked if off transitioned to offense. He didn’t have as easy a time getting to the end zone but he got their nonetheless after an excellent run to push the score to 32 – 0.

After the kickoff, the Colts tried to go long one more time, but he threw into double coverage. Campbell was on the outside of the receiver and Garvin Nicholson was on the inside from his safety position. Nicholson made the over the shoulder interception which gave the ball back to the Stallions. After a couple of short runs, they had the ball at their own 19 yard line. The Ninja Bey got the ball and sprinted around the left side. He got a couple of nice blocks from his receivers. Taj Washington sprung him and he exploded to the sidelines. When he got to the left sideline it was over. He ran 80 yards up the sideline for the final score of the day.

The Prime Time Player of the game for Baltimore was Juan Campbell. For the Colts it was Austin Bostic.


Game #5: Howard County 28, District of Columbia 8

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This highly anticipated game was the finale of week #7. As the team captians took the field there wasn't a player not stretching in wait of nothing less than a great game.  Howard County won the toss and look to establish a high tempo groung game.  The first possession went 3 and out as DC met their intensity infatically head on.  After a nice punt from Eric Burrell gave DC the ball on the 38 yard line, Dwayne Shorter III came out in the DC traditional SHOTGUN SPREAD to find excellent coverage and pressure from Howard County which in turn lead to a drive ending interception after DC captured a first down only once.

This defensive play on the ball by Deandre House, I believe lead to DC being more mindful of ball placement early in the contest. As HC took over and appeared to adjust their blocking scheme against that aggressive DC defensive front 7.The next 3 plays on the ground lead to "Double A" Abdul Adams tourching the defensive to the tune of 6points on the 30+ yards scamper to start the second quarter.Armani Ceballous and Eric Burrell hooked up on a FADE ROUTE to get the extra point in text book fashion.

You almost knew that the WARRIORS would respond and respond quickly the unvieling of various motion hand- offs,reverses, delays, & quarterback keepers did little to rattle the STARS defense. With penalty riddled execution,long down and distance became a constant opposition. The STARS then sat down in a zone and let Craig Williams Jr along with a mixture on the front line read and react accordingly by the half this game was not going DC's way at all and the coaches, family, and fans in attendance waited for the explosive team to erupted.

The second half was filled with gasping breathe from dropped passes referee whistles and constantly looking at the game clock. Asking yourself if they can do it in the amount of time left as Eric Burrell continued to host his coming out party between the end zones. Abdul Adams carved the over aggressive defense to shreds from scrimmage time and time again. Armani Ceballous continued to be more efficient and effective as always. DCs Anthony Brown continue to struggle coming into the game at half time.The coaches for HC had to be happy with the collective effort thebteam used to get the victory.

To testament of the WARRIORS all the people in attendance never stopped believing that they could walk down the league however on this day it would be the STARS that shined the brightness making the remaining games for DC a must win affair.

Player of the Week:

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