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Week #8 Summary

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Week 8 June 30th @ Wilson Sr. High School
3950 Cheseapeake St. NW Washington, DC 20016

(3-5) Prince William County Lions
 33 (2-6) Loudoun County Eagles
(6-2) Charles County Heat  48 (1-7) Fairfax County Colts 13
(8-0) Montgomery County Bearcats
 27 (3-5) Prince George's County Swarm
(4-4) District of Columbia Warriors   6 (6-2) Baltimore Metro Stallions 12

First of all I want to thank everyone who braved the heat to come out and support us on Saturday.  It was a very scary day for all of us at the GYFL, but once again, God found a way to bless us.  I did more praying on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday than I have in a long time.  We love these kids so much and the last thing in the world that we want is for any of them to get injured or harmed in any way.  I did more research on Heat Indexes last week than I had in my entire life!

I believe there is a blessing in every challenge and dilemma though.  Quite honestly, as the President of the league, I should have done that research 4 years ago before we began and had a policy on the books already with contingency plans in place, and I did not.  The potential fear forced us to put in policies that I think worked very well under the circumstances.  I thank all of the parents how brought their kids out in the heat.  It had to be scary for you!  You provided the towels so we could keep a wet towel on every had as they came off of the field.

We invested in extra tents and I thought the cool zones worked to perfection.  Although our sideline fan did have a short in it, we got some intermittant relief.  Wilson HS was right no point with us.  Mark Martin and his staff were sensational and provided everything that we needed.  Not one child took ill from the heat.  Truth be told, it was not as hot as it had been on Friday, or on Sunday even.  So we were very fortunate on that end.  We were able to keep the season in tact without having to worry about make up games and having any teams that fought so hard to get to the playoffs having their chances be jeopardized by a scheduling glitch.

Now, as far as the business side of it went, it was  a rough day at the gate and at the concessions stand because we just didn't draw the numbers.  Southern MD was not able to suit up enough kids to meet the GYFL minimum of 17 players, so we had to forfeit them, which meant neither them or Howard County showed up.  Many homes had power outages and were not able to make it to the game.  Anyone in their right minds who had AC was probably inside!  We did not want to play in the heat of the day so we kept the 4:00pm game as it was, which meant we still had to pay all of our referees and trainers for a full day even though we didn't generate a full days revenue.  Our vendors and fees were not cut as a result of the power and the heat, only our revenues.  But, in the end, we can't complain and won't complain.

The power outages made it impossible for us to get the game videos up in time and the write ups.  We thank you for being patient with us while we worked on getting caught up over the last few days.  They are finally here.  I will have the videos in the On Demand Player of the home page some time tomorrow, but I was not able to finish the final write up until 2am Friday morning.


Game #1 Loudoun County 8, Prince William County 33

{webplayer video=images/stories/videos/2012-wk8-game-1.f4v}

The Eagles began the game with great momentum after a nice kickoff return out to midfield by Mikey Bryant.  Then the offensive line began to get movement for Anthony Page, Anthony Williams and Gunner Hilling.  Newcomers Sam Chamberlin and Chase Haliburton on the defensive line were impressive on the first drive, but they couldn't keep that offensive line of Tyler Schutt, Mississippi Johnson, Daniel Renaud, Johnny Jordan, and Steven McAllister from opening up the hole to get Gunner Hilling into the end zone for the first score.  After Kevin Burke knocked down the extra point, the score was 8 - 0 Eagles.

Brandon Hilton fumbled the first carry and Ben Cross recovered, giving the ball right back to the pumped up Eagles.  But, the defense stiffened and got the ball right back after a turnover on downs.  Hilton got loose on a couple of misdirection plays up the middle on the drive.  Brandon Pitt, who has been on fire the last 3 games slightly over threw a streaking Dominic Benson who has great speed.  Had the pass been catchable it would have been 6!  As the quarter ended the score was still 8 - 0 and the Lions went for it on 4th down with a reverse to the speedy Benson.  Ben Cross was having none of that and shut the play down for the turnover on downs.  That is when Peter Finley just went ballistic on the tackles.  It seemed like he made about 5 tackles in a row at one point.  He was all over the field.

Zion Johnson, who is a 7th grader to watch made a big deflection and the Lions held once again.  Hilton got behind the big offensive line and went to work.   Eddie Mussey, Issa Hazou, Anthony Serafino, Nasheed Hargrove, and Haliburton went to work and DJ Wright showed off his considerable elusiveness with a highlight reel play to move deep into Eagle territory.  On the next play it was athlete on athlete.  Anthony Page, who is an outstanding athlete for the Eagles lined up one on one with one of the hottest receivers in the GYFL.  No receiver has been on more than a roll than Eric Kumah since coach Blankenship installed that spread offense. 

He took an outsider release and sprinted up the left sideline.  Pitt dropped back and let it fly.  It was a perfect pass over the top and Kumah did what Kumah does.  I cannot wait to see this kid suit up for Hylton HS ladies and gentlemen.  He has potential star written all over him.  Potential is a dangerous word if a kid does not have a great work ethic and a humble spirit.  But, I know this kids mother and I don't believe he will let this attention go to his head.  I expect to him work even harder to live up to this praise were are giving him.  It was very good coverage by Page, but Kumah made the catch in the back of the end zone for six from 27 yards out.  Renaud blocked the extra point kick so the score remained 8 - 6 Eagles.

Big 7th grader Jonte Craig was stout on the inside of the defense on the next series, until QB Danny Mullen found his TE Nick Clarkson in the left flat and hit him with a perfect pass.  Clarkson caught it at the Lion 45 and saw nothing but green field in front of him.  CJ Childs was about 3 yards behind him after getting tricked with the run fake and letting Clarkson get behind him.  But, boy to Childs make up for it.  Childs committed to the conditioning clinics we had at Episcopal, got in great shape and increased his speed.  All the training paid off as it looked to the crowd like Clarkson was gone for a TD.  Clarkson has very good speed himself as he showed at our combine, but apparently Childs has GREAT speed because he systematically walked Clarkson down and caught him from behind at the 3 yard line in a game changing play!

Referees are human and make mistakes, but the video clearly shows that Clarkson did not step out of bounds.  The referee marked him out at the 37 yard line as opposed to the 3, but the effort both players made was worthy of the detailed description.  Who knows what would have happened if the Lions would have been able to punch it in from the 3.  May have been a different game, but we will never know.  Meech Hembry tested the inside of the Lion defense on a few plays but Jordan Heison was all over him on consecutive tackles. Nick Arnold played good defense as well in turning the Eagles over on downs.  Benson had a knockout block on a nice scramble by Pitt and the Lions were back in business.  Thankfully, the defender just got the wind knocked out of him.

Pitt began to warm up and found the electrifying Wright wide open over the middle on a post patter for about 20 yards.  Then Billy Mullen made a great tackle on Pitt as he scrambled and forced a fumble that went out of bounds as time was running out in the 2nd quarter.  The Lions couldn't convert and time ran out in the half on another fine catch and run by Nick Clarkson on a Danny Mullen pass.  At the half the score was Loudoun County 8, Prince William County 6.

Hilton brought the second half kickoff back to the 48 yard line.  Hilton is another GYFL workout warrior who never missed a conditioning clinic and got in great shape, while increasing speed and flexibility.  He has showed it off since the Lions went to the spread and has been a headache on offense and defense.  Pitt warmed up again and found Benson on a crossing pattern which landed them deep in Eagle territory.  But Anthony Page, Kevin Burke and the rest of the secondary tightened up and forced a turnover on downs.  Then it was the Lions defense who stood tall and forced a punt, but it was snapped over the punters head and the Lions got the ball at the 15 yard line with momentum.

DJ got it inside the 5 on a nice run around left end and then Pitt snuck it in for the 3 yard TD run.  After the conversion catch by Wright, the score as Lions 13, Eagles 8.  The turning play of the game was a heartbreaking one.  Danny Mullen dropped back from his 33 yard line, read the defense, and found a wide open Clarkson who made the catch at the 50 and began to sprint to the end zone.  This time it was Kumah who showed great speed and determination from his safety spot.  He came from the other side of the field, and kept chasing down Clarkson until he caught him at the 2 yard line and stripped him of the ball as he crossed the goal line.  Then he scooped up the fumble and caused a touch back.  Great play by Kumah on defense this time.  It was Heartbreak for Clarkson and the Eagles who could have taken back the momentum with that score.

As the quarter ran out the score was still 13 - 8 Lions an they had the ball at the Eagle 35 yard line.  Mullen made a big sack on Pitt after he was pressured out of the pocket by Renaud.  Then Pitt found the speedy Wright on a flat pattern, hit him in stride, he broke the arm tackle and sprinted to the end zone for the TD.  Benson caught the conversion and the score was 20 - 8.  Mullen completed a nice post pattern to Cole Roscick and the Eagles converted.  He found Roscick again in the flat and it looked like they might be in business to mount a comeback with the ball on the Lions 20, but on the next pass play, Mullen threw into cover 2 and Kumah played it perfectly.  He stepped in front of the pass, leaped to catch it at its highest point and grabbed the interception at the 10 yard line.  90 yards later after dipping and dodging and breaking tackles, in addition to showing off big time speed, Kumah was in the end zone and blew the game open.  Kumah is the real deal.  Pitt ran the conversion in and the score was 27 - 8 with 4 minutes left. 

This was a much closer game than the score indicated.  A bad snap and turnovers killed the Eagles on this day.  A QB change was made to Grayson Fortin but he was unable to muster up much offense.  Meech Hembry showed off some nice moves as Loudoun ran out the rest of the clock, but with less than 10 seconds in the game Fortin tried a pass to the flat, but Wright was in double coverage, stepped in front at the Lion 36 yard line.  He picked it off and made a beeline to the end zone as time ran out, making the final score 33 - 8 Lions.  Wright is a burner who was not going to get caught by anybody.

Prime time player for Prince William was Eric Kumah and for Loudoun it was Nick Clarkson.

Game #2 Charles County Heat 48, Fairfax County Colts 13

{webplayer video=images/stories/videos/2012-wk8-game-2.f4v}


The Heat have been on a roll in the last few weeks, as they have averaged 40 points per game as they have mowed down 5 straight opponents after a 1 – 2 start. Fairfax started their first possession with good field position, but a fumbled snap on the second play from scrimmage was scooped up by big time LB Andrew Rothstein. Rothstein is a major prospect with a high school ready body right now. He is a lights out hitter from the LB position and a very capable TE as well, as he showed on this day. He scooped the fumble up at the 44 yard line and was off to the races for the TD. The kick by Gene Blair made the score 8 – 0.


Sturdy and versatile Max Gallahan had a nice run back for the Colts, but the QB fumbled the snap and turned it right back over to the Heat. On the next play from the 35 yard line, QB Aaron Parker who is on a tear right now gave a great ball fake to Damien Jones who is in the thick of the race for GYFL MVP which tricked the defense. He rolled out to his right and found Rothstein running an out pattern. Parker hit him in stride, Rothstein made the catch broke a tackle and turned on the speed for his second TD in less than a minute. WR Alec Martin made a nice shield block and Rothstein was gone. Blair hit another one and the game was getting out of hand early at 16 – 0. The defense forced a punt that was partially blocked and the Heat got the ball back in scoring position. Parker hit Jones over the middle and he tried to drag a defender into the end zone, but the tackle was sound by Ty Pacheco. The offensive line led by Matthew Hunt, Taylor Ursery, Warren Clements, and Jamie Higginbotham is always tough and were strong on this drive as Joshua Chase got close to pay dirt but couldn’t get in. On the next play Jones ran over Gallahan and scored to push it to 24 – 0 after the kick with 6 minutes left in the first quarter.

The Colts got a couple of good runs from Gallahan from the Wildcat but could not convert on 4th down. Parker got it back and on the first play he did a straight 7 step drop back, found his favorite target Alec Martin on a deep post pattern in the middle of the field. He let it rip and it dropped in Martin’s hands the 25 yard line. Rueben Basoah was beaten on the route and gave a great effort to chase him down, but Martin was too fast. The score stood at 30 – 0 after the missed kick.

On the next possession, Gallahan tried to go downfield to Hunter Wilkins but Isaiah Purvis stepped in front and made the interception. Parke got great pressure from the Colts defense on his next pass and spinned to the left. He took off running, got a great block from his receiver Jayson Johnson (who is a stud by the way), and he got to the left sideline. He cut all the way back against the grain and got some great blocks down field. He turned it into a 35 yard TD run and after the kick the score was 38 - 0 and we were still in the first quarter. Jordan Holmes made the huge hit on the kickoff return. Then Carlston Burch came in at QB. He completed his first pass to Gallahan, but Damien Jones cam up from his Safety position and knocked the ball loose with a jarring tackle. Matthew Hunt recovered and the Heat had the ball back.

Chase had a tough run up the middle then followed that up with a slick TD run for 14 yards right behind the always steady and QB of the OL GYFL All Star Taylor Ursery. A perfect kick made it 46 – 0 with 6 minutes left in the first half. The Heat are an official Juggernaut. After another stop, Jones punished a Colt defender with a vicious stiff arm on a nice return. Finally the Colts got a break when Parker was picked off by Christian Dinarte. As the half ended the score was still 46 – 0. The Colts got the second half kickoff. Carlston Burch and Hunter Wilkens opened with strong runs that were finished off with a boom by Jones who is a fierce hitter. Kreyshawn Dikes is a player to watch for the Colts. He can play OL, DL, LB and FB. He popped a run up the middle and showed great speed for a big man. Had it not been for Jones great speed, Dikes would have scored from 57 yards out. Jones caught him at the 3 yard line and the Colts were in scoring position for the first time.

Big Jay McCargo, Austin Bostic, and John Day did a great job of blocking on the play. Then Burch got the Colts on the board with a sprint around the right side for the score. Wilkins go converted the extra point on a short run behind Day. Then Wilkins recovered an onside kick but the Colts were forced to punt. Only a great tackle by Ozzie Showtime Opuku kept Jones from breaking loose on the return. Jordan Holmes took over at QB for the Heat as the third quarter ended with the score 46 – 7. Jordan Napper made a couple of stops for the Colts. They punted for the first time all game and the Colts took over at the 50 before a big sack by star LB Shaquon Dyson who is also a big time prospect for the Heat. Wilkens got loose around the right corner on the next play and showed speed and elusiveness. He is a player that has a chance to be big time at the next level. Burch made a couple of impressive scrambles before the Heat defense stiffened and forced another fumble that was recovered by Jordan Holmes.

Holmes showed elusiveness and speed on an 80 yard run deep into Colt territory, but he was caught from behind by Chris Santiago who would not quit on the play. There is no quit in these Colts players or staff. The players that did quit are long gone and although they may not have the most talent this year, they have a group of kids that will fight to the end.



After a few kneel downs by the Heat to try to run out the clock, the Heat got the ball back and proved again that they don’t quit. As the clock ran down to 15 seconds they were still trying to get in the end zone and did with a short post pass from Burch to Gallahan for the final points.

Prime Time Player for Charles was Jordan Holmes, and for Fairfax it was Carlston Burch.

Game #3 Montgomery County Bearcats 27, PG County Swarm 0

{webplayer video=images/stories/videos/2012-wk8-game-3.f4v}


This game started out good for the Swarm. Calil Wilkens-Coleman recovered an onside kick and the Swarm were in business. Jalen “Big Nasty” Lea who is the 7th grade sensation for the Bearcats stopped the Swarm cold on the first play from scrimmage, but shortly thereafter, FBU All Star James Green broke through the left side of the line behind Savion Williams, Jordan Jacobs and Yuka Onya and before we knew it he was in the secondary. Only the great speed of Juran Woodyard was able to push Green out of bounds before scoring. Tough break for the Swarm though, because they turned it over a couple of plays later on a fumbled exchange between FBU All Stars Darnell Clement and Malik Lewis that was recovered by Joey Freeman.


Wilkens-Coleman recovered a 2nd fumble and Green made another run around the right side, this time behind Ferron Green, and Keven Thomas. Cedric Content made a tough tackle on Green before Izon Pulley laid the wood on Lewis. Two time GYFL and FBU All Star Trevon diggs ran and picture perfect stop and go route on his fellow Montgomery Village teammate Malcolm “Too Tall” Littlejohn and appeared to be open for the touchdown. Clement put a little air on it, but it was a good pass that looked to be for 6 until Woodyard came flying over from his Safety position to break up the pass. The Swarm turned it over on downs and the Bearcats took over.

After a tough run by Jonathan Lee, the 6th grade star QB Doc Bonner was flushed out of the pocked and brought down by FBU All Star Terrell Dance and Jordan Jacobs. FBU All Star Michael Collins was stout form this LB position in stopping Lee, then the defense began to literally Swarm the Bearcats as we moved into the 2nd quarter with a 0 – 0 score. The Swarm forced a punt and took over at their on 42 yard line, but Big Nasty Lea and the boys were not giving up much running room. Keven Thomas banged up the middle for a few yards but on 4th and short, two time GYFL All Star Daquan Hill shot the gap and stopped Green in the backfield for the turnover on downs. Two time GYFL All Star Travon Stott caught a hitch pass and turned it up for good yardage and 7th grade sensation Marvin Beander broke around the right side of the line and showed the crowd is amazing quickness and speed. A couple of plays later, James Green was in one on one coverage with Stott on the wide side of the field. Those two will play college ball for free in a few years. Stott ran the perfect out pattern and Bonner threw the perfect pass. It was good coverage if any mistakes had been made on the route or the pass, but they were precise. Stott made the catch in the corner of the end zone for the first score of the day from the 6 yard line. The conversion pass was also caught by Stott for the 7 – 0 lead with a few seconds left in the first half.

The Swarm were going head to head with the big bad Bearcats as the phenomenal Diggs caught a pass and broke a few ankles before being brought down as the half ran out. David Sangwa, Pulley, and Clarence McNeary came out of the half with a chip on their shoulders and plugged up the holes that Green was seeing in the first half. Stott returned the punt to the 42 of the Swarm and on the first play from scrimmage there appeared to be some confusion with the slot receiver. The Swarm had 3 players covering 2 receivers, but they left the middle open and Jonathan Lee, who has the whole package as a running back cannot afford to be unaccounted for by a safety. He got the handoff, busted up the middle, shook a defender and he was gone like he has been doing all year at crunch time. This kid is serious baller and 42 yards later the score was 13 – 0.

Malik Lewis had a nice return but fumbled and it was recovered by the Bearcats. He played good defense on the next possession and they mad the Bearcats work for everything. That is until the pop pass to the TE Michael Briggs that caught the Swarm by surprise. He made it to the 7 yard line before Sir Scott dragged him down. Beander danced into the end zone a few plays later and the score was 21 – 0 after the successful kick.

Clement threw a nice hitch to Scott on the next possession. But Big Nasty Lea shut the running game down on Green. The defense would not allow him to get outside in the second half lik eh did in the first. Reserve LB Malik Davis got a sack on Clement on 4th down and they turned it over on downs. On the next play, Jonathan Lee got loose in the secondary again and scored for his second time of the game around the right end behind Kyle Laughner.

A close game was beginning to get away from the Swarm with the score 27 – 0 with 5 minutes left in the game. Xavier Tyson mad a nice stop, then Wilkens-Coleman made a couple of very slick runs to show off his talents. We are very proud of Wilkens-Coleman was the prime time player for the heat. After the first game, we ran into him and his family at Jaspers and he was very frustrated with his playing time, his role on the team, etc. We urged him to be patient and stay the course. After 8 games he has evolved into one of the go to player that the Swarm depend on every week.

Clement did an admirable job in his first start. His first real mistake came late in the game as he threw into double coverage and Cedric Content, who is as fine a football player as you are gonna fine victimized him with the interception and a nice return. Shawn Bliss finished off the game at QB and that was that. The Swarm played a very competitive first have but could not muster up enough offense to keep the Bearcats off the field.



The Prime Time player for PG was Wilkens-Coleman. For the Bearcats it was Jonathan Lee.


Game #4 Baltimore Metro Stallions 12, DC Warriors 6

{webplayer video=images/stories/videos/2012-wk8-game-4.f4v}


This was the game we were all waiting for and it did not disappoint. It was the Battle of the Beltway. DC vs Baltimore is always a slugfest. Bragging rights are always on the line when it comes to these guys. When you put a playoff slot on the line the stakes just got even higher. Only one of these guys was going to make it to the playoffs this year and this game would be the determining factor. Both teams had some handicaps. DC was starting their 7th grade QB Anthony Brown because the starter quit the team. A number of the DC lineman did not show for the game for a variety of reasons.


Baltimore was missing their QB Kasim Hill “The Archer”, who needed one more week to recover from a concussion. They needed to win this game without him to secure that playoff spot. It was a dog fight and worth the wait, as well as the price of admission.

DC was at home and needed to get their swagger back. Baltimore had Morgan Scroggins and the Hollis twins back, along with Steven Smothers aka “Optimus Prime.” The game started with Johnson Lloyd aka “The Law Firm” and Taj Washington running hard and moving the chains for the Stallions. Darin Pullen made a couple of tackles to slow the momentum. AZ Bey aka “The Ninja had a sweet run before Sam Friedman tried to go to the end zone into double coverage to Scroggins. #21 Sean Savoy had a great interception in the end zone to get the ball in the hands of the Warriors.

Two Time GYFL and FBU All star Navon Prince started the possession off with a sweet reverse that he turned in to nice gain up the left sideline. Tyree Yarborough made a nice catch and run with a nice tackle by Juan Campbell. Eric Arvinger applied relentless pressure on Brown early and often during the game, but Brown hit FBU All Star Patrick Johnson over the middle on a crossing pattern before a big sack caused a turnover on downs. The Stallions turned it right back over with a fumble and C.J. Rainey began to go to work on the ground.

Big Javon Childs locked the middle of the field down and stopped Rainey in the backfield before the sound of the horn signaled the end of the first quarter with no score. Scroggins forced a turnover on downs with a pass breakup on John Gant and the Stallions got the ball back. After a nice run by Bey and a personal foul put the ball deep in Warrior territory, Washington banged it up the middle for a nice run. Finally, Lloyd was able to punch it in from 3 yards out behind Jonathan Tynes, Childs, Myron Turner, and Murad Hussein to give the Stallions a 6 – 0 lead with 5 minutes left in the half.

Navon “Skully Prince had an exceptional game. On the next possession he almost broke a reverse and DC got some momentum. Brown hit FBU All Star Delante Hellams on a nice hitch. Then Johnson got some yards on the jet sweep. Smothers almost picked off the option pass before Brown go the pitch to Deon Jones to move it inside the 10. Troy Hollis made a bruising tackle on Brown then a bad snap destroyed DC’s chances to get on the board. Brown tried to chase it down and fall on it, but it was Tynes who recovered it for the Stallions as the first have ran out with the score Baltimore 6, DC 0.

C.J. Rainey has a fabulous kickoff return, then Prince had a nice run after the catch to get the ball in Stallion territory. Rainey showed off again on a swing pass that he turned up field for good yardage to get to the 23 yard line of Baltimore. Another bad snap hurt the Warriors as Brown had to fall on it to maintain possession at the 33. Then Brown threw a perfect pass to Prince to the ball inside the 10 yard line. On the next play, Brown hit Rainey on a swing pass and he broke 2 tackles and willed his way into the end zone for his team. I think Rainey will have a great HS career and have a serious chance to play well at the college level one day.

The extra point pass attempt was picked off by Smothers and the score was deadlocked at 6. Smothers had an exciting kick return and Baltimore went back to work with Taj Washington banging up the middle for another 20 yard run, then a 12 yard run. This kids is a ball player! AZ Bey then broke about 10 tackles before a late hit penalty gave the Stallions great field position. Two time GYFL All Star Donnell Lowery made a big hit on defense against Lloyd that was finished off by Phillip Morgan and a host of other Warriors defenders.

QB Sam Friedman wanted to get the ball to Smothers but he just couldn’t get the passes where they needed to be. Smothers is a marvelous and unbelievable athlete that can do anything on the football field except throw the ball to himself. The Stallions had to be frustrated with the inability to get the ball in the hands of Smothers and their other dynamic super athlete, who already has a scholarship offer to Youngstown State, Morgan Scroggins. Remember those two names because you will be hearing their names for years to come.

The Stallions turned it over on downs and DC went back to work. Brown was making miraculous throws for a 7th grader and Prince was catching everything his hands could touch. He was on a mission to win this game and made a great catch on the sideline against double coverage to get into Stallion territory. Eric Arvinger got a big sack on Brown as the 3rd quarter came to an end in this thriller. Then Arvinger knocked down a Brown pass. This kid was all over the place. He has been asking for a nickname and we need to give him one. I am thinking about possible “The Takeover”, or either “Ball So Hard.”

Brown had FBU All Star Delonte Hellams in one on one coverage against at 7th grade DB from the Stallions named Washington. I understand he is the younger brother of Taj, and he has serious ball skills as a DB. I don’t have his first name on the roster but I must get it soon because the coverage he put on Hellams was state of the art. He picked the pass off in the end zone using perfect technique. Another scoring opportunity for DC squandered.

Scroggins took over at QB for the Stallions, but he Warriors defense forced a punt on 3 downs. On the first play of the drive Pat Johnson showed off his 4.5 speed on a jet sweep that went for about 25 yards. Then Prince ran a reverse for good yardage before being banged out of bounds by Eric “Ball So Hard” Arvinger. AZ Bey picked up Deon Jones and slammed him to the turf on the next play as time continued to tick away. As the Warriors got back into scoring position, it was another turnover that did them in. Brown is going to be very good one day, but he struggled on this with ball protection. He fumbled the pitch and “Ball So Hard” was right there to recover it. Scroggins was sacked on the 2nd play of the possession by Phillip Morgan.

On the next play, the Stallions finally got Optimus Prime involved. Smothers ran a 9 route against double coverage and Scroggins threw it up and gave him a chance to do what he does, which is make plays. He made a gorgeous leaping catch in front of the DC sidelines that will be on the GYFL highlight reel. On the next play from the 43 yard line, Scroggins found the quick and speedy Juan Campbell running an out right and he put the ball in the flat in a catchable place.

Campbell made a one handed catch and John Gant made a feeble attempt to tackle him. He got to the sideline and turned on the after burners. 40 yards later he was streaking into the end zone for the TD that made the difference in the game. The final score was 12 – 6 Baltimore and the loss knocked the Warriors out of the chance to play in the championship game for the first time in 3 years. It was truly an exciting game that was lost by the Warriors on turnovers.


Navon Prince was the prime time player for DC and Juan Campbell for the Stallions for making the play of the game.














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