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2012 Weekly Prime Time Players

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We did not begin our official policy of selecting the weekly Prime Time Player awards for each week until week #4 at Landon School.  We did not and do not want to short any of the players from week 1 - 3 that were deserving, so we decided to go back and develop a list for those weeks.  The Prime Time Player Awards is more of an outstanding effort award than it is an MVP award for a particular game.

There will be games where one player will not only give outstanding effort and end up having statistics that warrant him being the MVP for the game, but it is not a given.  Our intention is to have a different winner every week for each team, which will allow us to recognize and highlight more kids.  There may be games where the efforts is so outstanding that we recognize them more than once, but don't expect that.

Throught the course of the final 3 regular season games, we will make our best attempt to go back and interview the 30 kids who were identified prior to us prior to beginning the process.  Our goal is to get a headshot of the award winner after the game, get an exclusive interview with the player on the field, and have the player do an interview with our announcer  from the press box.

The press box interview will give them practice being interviewed in front of a crowd and prepare them for the HS experience.  The onfield interview will be transcribed and placed on the website, where it will remain for the general public to view and get to know the player.  It can be found under GYFL News/Exclusive Interviews/Youth Prospects.  The head shot will run on the home page of the site for at least 24 hours during the week.  We will develop a library of interviews that will be linked to the headshot and run them continuously.  We can't tell you exactly what date individual players will be posted, so you must check the site daily.  We will continue to run them through the Fall football season after Grassroots has ended.

If your child's name is on this list from weeks #1 - 3, please contact Tangie Golston @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , for her to schedule your interview and make sure we get a head shot of you at the June 23rd set of games at Wilson HS.

Here is your list!

Week 1
Game 1: Trey Simpson (Howard County); Charlie Clewis (Loudoun County)
Game 2: Daqwan Hill (Montgomery County); Austin Bostic (Fairfax County)
Game 3: Kasim Hill (Baltimore Metro); Jessiah Rojas (Southern MD)
Game 4: Andrew Rothstein (Charles County); DJ White (Prince William County)
Game 5: Delante Hellams (DC); Teyon Davis (Prince George's County)

Week 2
Game 1: Aaron Speight (Prince George's County); Randy Burke (Southern MD)
Game 2: Craig Williams (Howard County); Ozzie Opuku (Fairfax County)
Game 3: Darrin Pullen (DC); Malik Crowe (Loudoun County)
Game 4: Travon Stott (Montgomery County); Terrance Davis (Charles County)
Game 5: Rostin Brommel (Baltimore Metro); Nasheed Hargrove (Prince William County)

Week 3
Game 1: Abdul Adams (Howard County); Alec Martin (Charles County)
Game 2: Steven Smothers (Baltimore Metro); Jordan Jacobs (Prince George's County)
Game 3: Izon Pulley (Montgomery County); Shawn Brooks (Loudoun County)
Game 4: Noel Hijazi (Loudoun County); Deandra Bush (Southern MD)
Game 5: C.J. Rainery (DC); Bill Abusei (Fairfax County)

Week 4
Game 1: Hunter Wilkens (Fairfax County); Brandon Beavers (Southern MD)
Game 2: Trevon Diggs (Prince George's County); Kevin Burke (Loudoun County)
Game 3: DeWayne Shorter (DC); Damien Jones (Charles County)
Game 4: Adrian Platt (Howard County); Marcus Brooks (Prince William County)
Game 5: Doc Bonner (Montgomery County); Azariah Bratton Bey (Baltimore Metro)

Week 5
Game 1: Max Nail (Fairfax County); James Green (Prince George's County)
Game 2: Aaron Parker (Charles County); Jhordan Greene (Southern MD)
Game 3: Taj Washington (Baltimore Metro); Daniel Renaud (Loudoun County)
Game 4: Navon Prince (DC); Jordan Heisen (Prince William County)
Game 5: Jonathan Lee (Montgomery County); Keshaun Ebron

Week 6
Game 1: Brandon Pitt (Prince William County); DeMartez Thomas (Southern MD)
Game 2: Max Gallahan (Fairfax County); Taron Vincent (Loudoun County)
Game 3: Carleton Taylor (Montgomery County); Anthony Brown (DC)
Game 4: Malik Lewis (Prince George's County); Perrin Turner (Charles County)
Game 5: Johnson Lloyd (Baltimore Metro); Eric Burrell (Howard County)

Week 7
Game 1: Malcolm Littlejohn (Montgomery County); Rylan Sweetney (Southern MD)
Game 2: James Green (PG County); Eric Kumah (Prince William County)
Game 3: Andrew Rothstein (Charles County); Danny Mullen (Loudoun County)
Game 4: Austin Bostic (Fairfax County); Juan Campbell (Baltimore Metro)
Game 5: Antonio Favors (DC); Abdul Adams (Howard County)

Week 8
Game 1: Nick Clarkson (Loudoun County); DJ Wright (Prince William County)
Game 2: Carlston Burch (Fairfax County); Jordan Holmes (Charles County)
Game 3: Calil Wilkens-Coleman (PG County); Jonathan Lee (Montgomery County)
Game 4: Navon Prince (DC Warriors); Juan Campbell (Baltimore Metro)

Week 9
Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Game 4:
Game 5:

Playoff Week
Game 1:
Game 2:

Championship Week
Game 1:

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