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Mont - Balt Top Performers

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Detailed combine results are posted on the site, but Grassroots has begun a breakdown of the top performers from each of the regions with a brief description of their strengths.  We have already provided the top 5 scorers from each of the five combine events, but the combine is just one portion of the evaluation.

That afternoon mini-camp portion was included in this breakdown of the true top performers from each region.  It was extremely difficult to select a top 5 from each group as there were a number of tremendous performances.  The detailed Combine Data Sheet will show how each athlete performed, but this breakdown was for what we considered to be the cream of the crop. 

We want the Montgomery – Baltimore kids to compare themselves against other kids from this event so there is more of an apples to apples comparison. To compare these times with the ones posted indoors on a track surface is unfair and provides a distorted view.

One could easily have added 1/10 of a second to the 40 times and the Pro Agility Shuttle and been pretty accurate. We expected all the times to be slower and most were. Those few that still rand blazing times would have been even faster on one of the indoor surfaces. Overall, we were very proud of the kids. We had a total of 38 kids brave the elements and here is the Top Performer list.

This list does not mean that these are necessarily the best players in each region, as we will not know that until we have seen them in pads, but for now this is a very good start.  Enjoy!

Montgomery County
Coach Steffanelli’s teams have been strong the past two years and we expect nothing different from this year’s team. For the second year in a row, the combine was affected by the weather. It was not ideal by any means and virtually impossible to have the optimum times and distances.

Darius Golston: Golston was spectacular at the event. He scored exceptional on 6 of the 7 tests that we gave. On 4 of the 5 combine events, he was stellar with a 4.90 Forty, a 4.69 Pro Agility Shuttle, a 7’9” Broad Jump and a 24” Vertical. Darius made a commitment to the GYFL Conditioning Clinics and was in tip top shape and ready to dominate after all the hard work at Landon with Richard O’Conner and the E-Train University staff. Looking forward to seeing Darius in pads. He excelled in the offensive and defensive position drills at RB and DB. The scary thing is that he is a 7th Grader.

David Sangwa: Sangwa and Golston are very similar in size. At 5’8” and 163lbs, Sangwa has good size for a RB and Quick side LB. He ran a very strong 4.94 in the elements, posted a 7’5 Broad Jump, and finished with a 24.5” Vertical. Showed great athleticism during the mini-camp portion of the event at RB. Picked up things quickly from the LB spot and looks to be a serious prospect.

Jalen Lea: All we can say about this kid is WOW! Kid is a 12 year old 7th Grader but was the strongest at the camp. Built like a Mack Truck at 5’9” and 207lbs. Plays OG and LB right now, but was quick enough to show glimpses of FB potential. Not blazing fast yet, but another workout warrior at the conditioning clinics. Quick with a 5.25 Pro Agility Shuttle. Medicine Ball throw was 26’6”. Scored high on both sides of the ball at the mini-camp. Will be a serious major High School recruit by all the Big Boys. Remember the name.

Michael Drolet: Our desire was not to single out the kids that trained during the Winter, but the reality is that training is what makes us excel at anything, and 4 out of the 5 kids that made the list this year made the commitment and got good. Drolet was one of them. Huge at 6’6” and 262lbs. Long arms with a broad wingspan. Showed great footwork for a big kid. Not a naturally great athlete, but worked his butt off to get his times down for every event. Truly excelled in the Mini-Camp Drills as an OL and DL. Excellent hands and feet. Demonstrated tremendous leverage. Great prospect on his way to Good Counsel in the fall.

Brian McNeary: The McNeary brothers also trained with GYFL. Saturday was Brian’s time to shine. Only a 7thGrader with much potential to improve. His quickness and speed were on display. Showed outstanding speed with a 4.84 40 Yard Dash on a wet and soggy field. Could be a 4.70 kid on a better day, but were very impressed with a 4.84 from a 12 year old. Standing 5’8” and 140lbs is another feather in the young man’s cap. Did not run an exceptional Pro Agility Shuttle and his Broad Jump was average, but the 23’2” Medicine Ball showed great upper body strength. Excellent Prospect

Baltimore Metro
Coach Ty Brought a small contingent up from Baltimore but he brought some ballers with him for sure. The Metro Stallions always come strong to the season so don’t let the small numbers fool you. I can assure you that the team will be loaded. They had two top performers at the camp that we know for sure are eligible to play. GYFL alum Rostin Bromell was arguably the best athlete at the camp and could have held his own against any athlete from any of the camps but before I highlight him, we have to verify his grade for eligibility purposes.

Quentin Skinner was dominant as well, but is too old to play in the league so we will not highlight him. He played varsity for Mt. Carmel as a 9th grader and we welcomed him to the camp to work out and show his stuff, which he did.

Carlton Taylor: Taylor showed phenomenal athletic ability with a 4.97 40 Yard Dash, a 4.78 Pro Agility Shuttle, and an 8’3” Broad Jump. He was one inch away from the exceptional vertical jump score. Performed well during mini-camp drills at the RB position and DB position. Only a 7th grader who should make a name for himself this season and get on everybody’s radar screen.

Michael Scott: Scott is long and lean at 5’11” and 134lbs. Ran a very respectable 5.13 40 Yard Dash. His 4.75 Pro Agility and 8’0” vertical were in the top 5 at the camp. Vertical was a bit disappointing considering his ability but he made up for it with strong WR positional work. Should be an interesting WR prospect for the Stallions.

Only one prospect from DC showed up for the camp, but boy did he make an impression.

Amir King: Amir played for the Watkins Hornets, and he made the MD State Team for FBU, so we knew he was talented. We did not know he was that fast. He had the fasted time of the day on a wet and soggy field that was not a fast track. He went 4.69 in the 40 Yard Dash. He followed that up with a 4.84 Pro Agility Shuttle and an 8’2” Broad Jump. He was excellent in the WR drills, and flourished on the defensive side of the ball as corner. His nickname is “Shutdown” and he showed us why!

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