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NOVA Combine Top Performers

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Detailed combine results are posted on the site, but Grassroots has begun a breakdown of the top performers from each of the regions with a brief description of their strengths.  We have already provide the top 5 scores from each of the five combine events, but the combine is just one portion of the evaluation.

That afternoon mini-camp portion was included in this breakdown of the true top performers from each regions.  It was extremely difficult to select a top 5 from each group as there were a number of tremendous performances.  The detailed Combine Data Sheet will show how each athlete performed, but this breakdown was for what we considered to be the cream of the crop.  This list does not mean that these are necessarily the best 5 players in each region, as we will not know that until we have seen them in pads, but for now this is a very good start.  Enjoy!

Prince George's County:
Carleton Rainey: Carleton was the only athlete from Prince George's County to attend this combine, but he made a lasting impression.  He had the fastest 40 time on the day at a blazing 4.75 seconds.  Ran a 4.13 Pro Agility Shuttle.  Broad Jump was 8'3" and his vertical was 27.1", so the kid can jump.  Strong upper body with a Medicine Ball Throw of 26'10".  He posted exceptional scores in all 7 categories and also posted the highest score of the camp on the offensive position evaluation with a 24 out of 25.  Carlton is quick, fast, strong and explosive and should have a breakout season for the Prince George's County Swarm this year.

Fairfax County:

Mohamed Kamara: Kamara got exceptional scores in all 7 categories as well.  Tremendously gifted skill player with great size at 5'11" and 142lbs.  Ran a 4.78 forty, with an eye popping 30.3" vertical jump.  All of his stats were ridiculous.  A 4.25 Pro Agility Shutttle is just sick.  The 8'4" Broad Jump was one of the best of the day, and the 24'6" Medicine Ball was strong.  Should be a deep threat at reciever and a shut down corner for the Colts.  Very impressing prspect.

Taye Diggs: At 182 lbs, Diggs is a big and physical reciever.  Not quite as quick and fast as Kamara, but not far behind with a 4.88 forty.  Excelled in all 7 categories.  Taye had a 4.44 Pro Agility Shuttle, which is elite for a 13 year old.  His Medicine Ball throw was 26'7, which shows great upper body strength and has 27.3" vertical jump showed outstanding explosion.  Looked good as a reciever in the mini-camp.  Perfect size for safety at the high school level.

Aaron Ince: Ince is returning GYFL All Star and a workout warrior.  Blew the coaches away with a 34" vertical jump.  Excelled at every test and will be one of the top cornerbacks in the league this summer.  Small in stature, but a huge heart, great work ethic and tremendous skill set.  Ran a respectable 5.03 40 Yard Dash, a blazing quick 4.25 Pro Agility Shuttle, and 8'6" on the Broad Jump.  Even his Medicine Ball Throw was a solid 22'7".  Aaron consistently trained in GYFL Conditioning clinics at Episcopal, so the 34" vertical was  no surprise to us.

Brad Schaefer: Schaefer ran a smoking 4.93 forty, excelled at all 7 tests and threw perfect spirals during the mini-camps.  Has the potential to be a deadly dual threat QB, as well as an effective defensive back for the Colts.  Kid ran a 4.18 Pro Agility which was quicker than some of the quickest kids in any of our combines.  The 24'11" Medicine ball was very good, and the 26.1" vertical was impressive for a QB.  Should be exciting to watch this year.

Asiedu Duah: Duah was one of the most explosive and athletic performers at the combine.  He weighed in at 171lbs. on a 6 ft frame.  Broad jumped a combine best 10'5" and showed extreme flexibilty and explosiveness.  Young man has freakish athleticism, with a 4.19 Pro Agility, a 27'2" Medicine Ball Throw and a 28.2" Veritical.  Impressive during the camp on both sides of the ball as a WR and LB.  The WR position should be a strong suit for Fairfax this year with the addition of Duah.  Athletic outside linebacker at well, with good instincts.

Loudoun County:

Albert Wright: Wright tested off the charts.  Compact and powerful at 5'7" and 152lbs.  Fast, strong, and very athletic RB that will be expected to produce for the Eagles this year.  Excelled at all 7 tests.  Ran a solid 5.03 40, but the 4.27 Pro Agility was exceptional.  His 8'8" Broad jump showed his tremendous explosion, while his 28'7" Medicine Ball Throw showed his upper body strength.  Vertical was 27.9" and none of this surprised us as Albert made a committment to Grassroots Conditioning Clinics as Loudoun Country Day School all winter long.  The combine was the platform for him to showcase all of his hard work.

Micheal Westbrook: Westbrook was impressive.  A bit smaller than Wright at 132lbs, and more of a scatback.  Can be a threat out of the backfield with good hands.  Low to the ground and elusive.  Quick reactions as a cornerback. Solid and impressive numbers accross the board.  Ran a 4.94 40 Yard Dash, and a 4.47 Pro Agility Shuttle.  Broad Jump was adequate but not great at 7'2", so he needs to work on explosion.  Good Medicine Ball throw of 25'5" and the 24.5" Vertical was strong.

Anthony Page: Page was insane in the workout.  GYFL alumni coming back for a second season.  The RB core for Loudoun is in good shape with these three guys competing.  Strong 40 at 5.00.  Great vertical jump 27'8".  His Pro Agility was 4.37, with an 8' Broad Jump.  Needs to work on upper body strength as his Medicine Ball Throw was only 22'5".  Excellent prospect.  Impressive on the defensive side as well.  Excelled in all 7 tests.

Noel Hijazi: Possibly the most impressive player at the combine.  A sheer animal!  Standing 6'1" and 260lbs, with very little body fat.  Great feet.  Runs like an athlete.  Hard worker.  Overall physical specimen.  Should be a dominant force in the league on both sides of the ball.  Camp favorite of all the coaches.  Ran an excellent 40 time for a Lineman at 5.54, but the 4.28 Pro Agility Shuttle was INSANE!  His 7'2" Broad Jump was better than many of the skill players.  Can't WAIT to see him play.

Daniel Renaud:  Renaud only excelled at 4 of the tests, but he was so impressive at those 4 that he made this list.  He is 5'7", 215lbs and can run like a deer.  He is another one of those workout warriors who committed to GYFL Conditioning Clinics at Loudoun Country Day School.   Ran faster than some of the skill players with a 5.29 40 Yard Dash.  Same deal on the Pro Agility with a 4.37.  Nobody expected to see times like that.  His 27'4" Medicine Ball Throw was no surprise. 

Offensive lineman almot never hit the marks needed to be considered exceptional in the running events, but Renaud and Hijazi were technically proficient and highly skilled.  They should be a dynamic duo on both sides of the ball for the Eagles.  Renaud slightly beat out Nick Clarkson for the final spot in the top 5 but not by much.  Clarkson is a beast as well.  The amazing part about Renaud is that he is only a 7th grader.

Prince William County:

Keith Evans:  Evans is one of the most impressive 7th grade athletes we have ever seen.  This kid is special.  He is 5'11" and 176lbs as a 13 year old.  Big, fast, strong, running back who will be almost impossible to bring down this year.  If the Prince William County Offensive Line is half decent, expect a breakout year for Evans.  4.81 in the forty and a 4.10 pro agility shuttle.  Needs to work on his Broad Jump (6'7") and his vertical (22.1"). He posted a 25'2" Medicine Ball Throw which exhibits great upper body strength.  Scary from the defensive end position as well.  Will be a special player and the good news is that he is only a 7th grader.  Evans trains consistently with Perfect Performance academy and is a workaholic.

C.J. Childs:  It is obvious that Childs trains very hard and consitently just by watching him move.  Great size for a running back at 5'7" and 176lbs.  Excelled at every test except the vertical jump.  Not as tall as Evans, but equally as explosive.  Very fluid athlete, with tremendous skill and work ethic.  Trained all through the winter at the GYFL Conditioning Clinic at Episcopal.  Loves to grind.  Ran a 4.82 40 Yard Dash, and a 4.40 Pro Agility Shuttle.  Broad Jumped 8' and had a Medicine Ball Throw of 25'1".  Needs to work on the vertical jump a bit, but jumped a respectable 22.7".  Kid should be a star in the league.  Runs with a beautiful body lean and changes of direction on a dime.

Donovan Williams:  The GYFL better watch out for this 6'0", 163lb quarterback.  Looks to be the ultimate run/pass threat.  Great physique.  Impressive arm and feet.  Student of the game.  Very exciting to watch perform.  Excelled at all 7 tests and has the ability to cover a lot of ground at safety.  Ran a solid 5.12 40 Yard Dash and 4.32 Pro Agility Shuttle.  Broad Jump was exceptional at 8'1", as was his 26'10" Medicine Ball Throw and 24" Vertical Jump.  Scored a 21 out of 25 on the QB Drills.  Scary, Scary, Scary QB prospect that we can NOT wait to see suit up in the league.