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Detailed combine results are posted on the site, but Grassroots has begun a breakdown of the top performers from each of the regions with a brief description of their strengths.  We have already provided the top 5 scores from each of the five combine events, but the combine is just one portion of the evaluation.

That afternoon mini-camp portion was included in this breakdown of the true top performers from each region.  It was extremely difficult to select a top 5 from each group as there were a number of tremendous performances.  The detailed Combine Data Sheet will show how each athlete performed, but this breakdown was for what we considered to be the cream of the crop.  This list does not mean that these are necessarily the best 5 players in each region, as we will not know that until we have seen them in pads, but for now this is a very good start.  Enjoy!

Charles County
Coach Terrance Byrd is putting together a monster team down in Charles County. At combines like this, it is normally the skill players that have the eye popping times and measurements. But, coach Byrd understands that games are won and lost in the trenches and has a number of Bigs that can get it done like Terrance “Squeal” Davis and Matthew Hunt, who will not have ridiculous 40 times and make a top 5 list like this, but they will be the cornerstones of a winning franchise. With that being said, here are the top 5 performers.

Jesse Stauffer: Stauffer was consistent across the board and excelled at all 5 tests. He just made the cut with his 40 at 5.06, but his 4.50 Pro Agility was tied for 2nd best in the whole camp, so he has great quickness. His Broad of 8’2” was strong, as was the 22’8” medicine ball throw which shows that he has the upper body strength he will need to block from his running back position. His 26.5” vertical jump confirmed his explosiveness. Performed well in the positional camp drills. Very solid athlete.

Demarco Blount: Blount tied for the fastest 40 time from Charles County with a 4.78. His Broad Jump was more than sufficient at 7’7 and his vertical was 25’8”, which is consistent with a 40 time like that. Good size for a speedy RB at 5’7” and 132lbs. Haven’t seen him play yet, but look forward to seeing him in the season this year. Great potential in a very competitive backfield for Charles County.

Myles Austin: Sturdy RB at 5’8” and 174lbs. To run a 4.78 40 Yard Dash at 178lbs is very notable. His 7’2” Broad Jump was not great but respectable. 25” Vertical Jump was also strong. His speed and size are his biggest assets. Did great in the position camp. Good prospect for Charles County and will compete for playing time in the backfield.

Jayson Johnson: Great size for a WR at 6’0” and 172lbs. Not a true burner with a 5.06, but very adequate. Decent Broad Jump with 7’5”. Most impressive feature was his size and his 28’9” medicine ball throw, which indicates remarkable upper body strength. With that size and physical strength, he should be able to manhandle smaller DB’s. His 40 time is fast enough where he won’t get caught from behind. Looking forward to seeing him develop.

Myles Plummer: Plummer is a long and lean WR at 5’11” and 129lbs. Did not make the cut on the 40 with a 5.16 and his 5.41 Pro Agility was not exciting and doesn’t show great quickness. However, his 8’8” Broad Jump was insane and with a vertical jump of 28” on a 5’11” frame, he is a QB’s dream on a lob pass. Caught the ball well in position drills so he is an intriguing prospect. Must get him a step faster and 2 steps quicker, but that can all be done with training.

District of Columbia
DC never brings a ton of athletes to the combine, but the ones they do can always perform. We normally have to wait for the season to see their real studs, but a few were on hand Saturday. Here are the top 3.

Patrick Johnson: Patrick Johnson can literally FLY! Pat was impressive at the try-outs for the MD State All Star team we put together last year to play for the FBU National Championship last winter, but we didn’t know he was THAT fast. Johnson was clocked at 4.50 in the 40! There was much debate over whether the time could have possibly been accurate, but anybody who saw him run it could see he floats like a butterfly. Track star that can flat out play. Got hurt and could not play with us last year so I haven’t had a chance to see him in pads yet, but I can’t wait. We missed his Broad Jump and need to get that re-taken, but his 25’6” vertical jump validates his explosiveness. Played for the mighty Watkins Hornets. High School is undecided at this point. I suggest the High School coaches take notice before you end up having to defend this kid on a fly pattern.

Trevon Diggs: We call him Pick 6 because all he does is get interceptions and takes them back to the house. Played well as a 7th grader for the GYFL’s Montgomery County Bearcats last season. Dominated the FBU National Championship Tournament last winter. Just turned 13 years old. Younger brother of Stefon Diggs, the top player in the state of Maryland. Ran a 4.98 40, with a 7’10” broad jump and 24.6” vertical jump. Kid will be special. Played for the State Champion Montgomery Village Chiefs Varsity Prep team. I can verify that the kid can do it all. Chose to move over to the GYFL Champion DC Warriors to play slot in Coach Maurice “Bink” Vaughn’s vaunted spread offense.

Kwincy Hall: Hall is only a 7th Grader and small at 5’1 and 113lbs, but boy can he move. His measurable were off the charts. He ran a 4.87 40 Yard Dash. He broad jumped 8’0” and his vertical was a jaw-dropping 28.9”. Keep an eye on a young man like this. Reminds me of Kenny Holmes who is a GYFL alum who was small and explosive as well.

Sean Savoy: Very intriguing prospect.  A 12 year old 7th grade WR/DB that was almost overlooked in our initial review.  At first we highlighted him as a young talented player and he is, but most of the 12 year old 7th graders did not get exceptional scores in 3 categories and almost hit a 4th one.  He ran a 5.07 40, almost made the Pro Agility Shuttle cut off with a 4.87.  He Broad Jumped 7'8" which is good for a 14 year old, much less a 12 year old. He had a 23' Medicine Ball Throw and almost hit the Vertical Jump threshold of 24", with an impressive 22.6".  At 5'4 and 123lbs, he has good size for his age and should be a player to be reckoned with for the next couple of years for the Warriors.  We will keep an eye on Sean and I am glad we took a second look.

Howard County
Howard came strong to the Combine. Although the region is technically Howard County, the players come from the Northern PG County, Southern Howard, Western Anne Arundel County region. They had a lot to draw from and Coach T. White and his staff did a great job of recruiting talent. It was not easy to cut down to 5 because they had 9 of the total 41 top performers from the combine, but since we had to cut it off at 5, here is our best shot.

Eric Burrell: Burrell is the REAL DEAL! This is no joke ladies and gentlemen. Remember the name. Great size for a skill player at 5’11” and 149lbs. Played for the mighty GORC Wildcats and heading to McDonough HS in Baltimore next year. The worst thing he did all day was run a 4.80 40 yard dash. He tied for 2nd with a 4.50 Pro Agility. His broad jumped of 8’9 put him at #3 in the camp, med ball throw was 24’ and he had the #1 vertical jump at 29.1”. I have actually seen the kid in pads this year so when I tell you he is the REAL DEAL please believe me. He should be dominant this year in Grassroots and will cement himself as one of the top skill players in the class of 2016.

Abdul Adams: If Burrell has a clone it is Adams. They are almost the exact same size, with Adams coming in at 5’10” 148lbs. Adams was step quicker in the 40 with an eye popping 4.67. He and Burrell ran an identically blazing 4.50 Pro Agility Shuttle. Adams went 8’9” in the broad jump and his vertical was 28”. The difference between Burrell and Adams to me is that we haven’t seen Adams play yet. We can’t wait to see him live and direct this season. These kids are special talents.

John Sterling: Sterling is another one of the workout warriors that made a commitment to the GYFL conditioning clinics so we were not surprised that he excelled in all 5 events. Very good size for a WR/DB at 5’9 and 136lbs. Ran a 4.90 40 yard dash, posted a 4.65 Pro Agility Shuttle, along with a 8’4” Broad jump, had a 23’11” Medicine Ball throw and a 25’7” Vertical jump. He was consistent all across the board and is ready and prepared for battle. Performed well during the mini-camp portion and should have a strong year for the Stars.

Aaron Hansford: Hansford is another in a pack of long, lean athletic WR/DB’s for the stars. With Burrell, Sterling, and Hansford, the stars should have plenty of weapons to go to. He is 5’11” and 158lbs. Ran a 4.84 40 Yard Dash. Just missed the Pro Agility cut off with a respectable 4.78. Vertical of 25’4” was his next strongest showing. Broad and Med ball were strong as well. Great prospect.

Deandre House: House rounds out the skill players that made it into the top 5, although there were others like Trey Simpson right on the cusp. House is another WR/DB with excellent size at 5’10” and 154lbs. He ran 4.93 in the 40, which was very good, but his Pro Agility was 4.59 and sizzling. He exploded on the broad jump with 8’6”. I was surprised that he didn’t get over 24” in the vertical, but with a little training and work on this form that should be easy with a broad jump score like that. Looking forward to seeing the WR competition in practice for the Stars to see who will get the playing time and the BALL!

Prince George's County
It was borderline impossible to single out 5 players from the PG County region. There were 41 top performers at the event and 16 of them came from Prince George’s County. It is a region that is loaded with talent. In an effort to be fair to the NOVA combine exceptional performers who were not included in the first cut, we will do our best to identify the 5 that we thought stood out above the rest and were the most impressive.

Shane Simmons: Shane is what we in the football business call a “Freak of Nature.” The kid is 6’2” and 198lbs with probably less than 5% body fat. He looks like a 14 year old version of Cyrus Kwandjou, who was a 5 Star OT from DeMatha who now plays at Alabama. Shane is also headed to DeMatha to play TE/DE. He made a name for himself as a 7th grader on the Montgomery County GYFL All Star team and was arguably the most coveted recruit in the class of 2016. He ran a 5.09 40 yard dash and a 4.66 Pro Agility Shuttle, which are both great times for small, lightweight skill players. For a kid that big to be that quick is just insane. His broad jump was 8’ and his Medicine Ball Throw was 27’8”. He finished off the impressive event with at 28” vertical jump. He was impressive as a TE and DE in the camp drills and should be a High School Phenom. Shane is a workout warrior who trained consistently at the GYFL conditioning clinics and at Athletic Republic. Remember the name.

Aris Mayfield: Aris came out of nowhere for those that hadn’t seen him training twice a week at the GYFL conditioning clinics all winter. He came from the PG Chargers, but was injured last season and slipped through the cracks. Undecided on high school, but wherever he ends up, a high school staff will be very pleased. Aris excelled at all 5 combine events. He ran a legit 4.58 40 yard dash, which was the 2nd fastest of the day. He went 4.50 in the Pro Agility Shuttle, which tied him for the second fastest in the camp. His broad jump of 8’11” gave him 2nd place in that event as well. He added an impressive 27” vertical to his arsenal. He is WR/DB with great size at 5’10” and 149lbs. We can’t wait to see what he can do on the field.

C.J. Rainey: C.J. was a top performer at the NOVA combine and came right back at Sports and Learning and took it to another level. He is small in stature, but he can fly. He ran a 4.59 40 yard dash, posted a 4.53 Pro Agility, had a 8’2” Broad Jump, showed good upper body strength with 24’1”, and had a 25” vertical. He is just a superior athlete with great quickness and explosion. Trains hard with his father Karl and the work has paid off big time. Went from and under recruited player with a few options to a highly sought after prospect in two combines. A RB/DB that should be impressive on the GYFL scene for the PG Swarm this year.

Ramar Williams: Ramar was the top QB in the GYFL as 7th grader last summer. He led the MD State All Star team to one game away from making it to the Football University Final Four. As a tremendous Athletic QB, it was no surprise that he excelled at all 5 events. He will follow in his brother Roman’s footsteps at DM. Roman is the current starter at QB for the Stags and Ramar should be his understudy this year and be ready to take over the reins as a sophomore if he continues to develop. Ramar ran a 4.95 40 yard dash, then tied for 2nd in the Pro Agility shuttle with a 4.50. His most impressive stats were his 8’8” broad jump and his 26” vertical jump. Tremendous run/pass threat with a bright future. Currently considered the top QB in the class of 2016. Threw the ball well at the mini-camp.

Isaiah Fleming: Another relatively unknown name surfaced as an athlete to be reckoned with by the name of Isaiah Fleming. At 5’11 and 147, he has excellent size for a WR/DB. Was not the fastest of the wide outs at 5.05, but very respectable. He came in under the benchmark for excellence in all 5 events. With a 4.69 Pro Agility Shuttle, a 7’7” broad jump, 24’ med ball and 24.3” vertical, he was consistently excellent. Ran good routes and showed good hands at the mini-camp.

Southern MD:

Jhordan Green-Anagwon:Kid has off the chart measurable for an 8th Grade RB/LB. Stands 6’0” and 182lbs. Excelled in 4 of the 5 combine events with a 5.01 40 yard dash, an 8’3” broad jump, 24’2” Powerball and 25.1” vertical jump. Southern MD may have uncovered a gem in Green-Anagwon. Performed well in positional drills. Look forward to seeing whether he is the real deal or not when the pads go on.

Brandon Beavers: Brandon is another work out warrior who travelled all the way up from St. Mary’s county on a consistent basis to get to the GYFL conditioning clinics. All the work paid off as Brandon was 4 hundredths of a second from excelling in all 5 categories. He ran a 5.16 40 yard dash, which is not slow by any means. His pro agility shuttle was 4.70, which is blazing and shows quickness. His 7’8” broad showed explosion, the 23’ medicine ball showed upper body strength and his vertical jump was 24.6”, which means he is a complete athlete. Can play QB, RB, WR, and DB. Southern MD has a playmaker in Beavers.

Devin Jones: Jones is a GYFL alumni who showed flashes last summer with a very depleted team. He ran a sizzling 4.84 40 yard dash as a 6’0” tall WR. Broad jumped 7’5” and Medicine Ball Throw was 23’3”. Barely missed the 24” vertical jump threshold with a 23.9” effort. Veteran player who should thrive this year with a much better supporting cast.

Darion Butler: Butler excelled at 3 of the combine events with a very impressive 4.77 40 yard dash. His 4.66 pro agility shuttle put him in the class with the quickest of the competitors. His broad jump of 7’6 was not shabby either. He needs to work on his vertical jump but he earned his way into the top 5 So MD performers with his quickness and speed. He is very small in stature at 5’2” and 98 pounds, but has the potential to be dangerous return man with that quickness.

Deandra Bush: Good size for a RB at 5’7 and 127. Ran a 4.68 40 yard dash which was outstanding. Just missed the Pro Agility cut off of 4.70 with a 4.80. Broad jump of 7’6” shows good explosion. Vertical was less than impressive at 21.1”, but the 40 time put him in the top 5 from Southern MD.



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